What Its Like to Work as an Environmental Engineering Consultant

Working as an environmental engineering consultant involves a dynamic and multifaceted role, particularly in the context of a global pandemic. This profession demands a blend of technical expertise, strategic planning, and a commitment to sustainability.

A typical day begins early, with consultants often waking up early to maximize their productivity. Morning routines can involve making environmentally conscious decisions, even down to the choice between an electric or wet shave. A brisk shower is essential to kickstart the day, followed by a nutritious breakfast—porridge being a popular choice for its sustained energy release.

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The workday primarily revolves around remote audits and virtual meetings, a shift necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. These audits, previously conducted in person, are now completed virtually, significantly reducing travel costs and carbon footprints. Environmental consultants collaborate with clients worldwide, from the UK to Hong Kong, the USA, Japan, Spain, and Portugal, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and standards.

Exercise is an integral part of maintaining mental and physical health. Many consultants incorporate daily walks into their routines, taking advantage of this time to refresh and invigorate themselves for the demanding tasks ahead.

Client interactions are a substantial part of the job. Consultants engage in detailed discussions about energy and carbon reporting requirements, providing tailored solutions to meet their clients’ needs. While some proposals result in new business, others may not, especially when clients have established relationships with other consultants. Resilience and adaptability are crucial traits in navigating these outcomes.

Staying current with evolving international standards is another critical aspect of the role. Environmental consultants actively participate in national and international committees, contributing to the development and validation of standards such as ISO 14065 for greenhouse gas verification and ISO 14017 for water information. These activities often involve extensive preparation and long virtual meetings, requiring a thorough understanding of the technical details and effective communication skills.

Content creation is also a part of the job for many environmental engineering consultants. They share their knowledge and experiences through blog posts and videos, contributing to the broader discourse on environmental management and sustainability.

At the end of the day, meticulous note-taking and planning for future tasks ensure continuity and effectiveness in their work. Evenings may involve family traditions, such as cooking vegan meals or watching environmentally themed films, fostering a balance between professional responsibilities and personal life.

Working as an environmental engineering consultant is a challenging yet rewarding career that requires a passion for sustainability, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.

A challenging yet rewarding career

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