15 Profitable Tourism Business Ideas for 2021

The tourism industry is steadily recovering and is likely to spring back up in the coming year. And since people have been awash with cash due to the pandemic and have been deprived of vacations, there’s a big chance that 2022 will see a big surge in demand for tourism.

COVID-19 cases are dropping in some countries and more and more attractions are opening their doors. In fact, travelers have returned to their highest numbers since the pandemic. While travel is yet to fully reopen, search results and travel-related inquiries reveal that people are starting to look forward and dreaming up their next trip.

What this means is that entrepreneurs looking to start a business can take advantage of what soon will be a monumental shift. And the top opportunities to make a profit and start a long-term venture is in the following business ideas:

Airbnb Rentals or Experiences

While it’s true that people have more disposable income now, traveling is still going to be more expensive than it used to be. Plane fares and hotel rates are rising, so people will be inclined to look for more budget-friendly options. If you have the capital to invest in a rental property, or you already have one but your vacancy rates are inching the red zone, this business model is worth the try.

You can also use the platform even if you don’t have an investment property. With Airbnb Experiences, you can offer unique and immersive activities through the platform’s marketplace. You can buy an RV bus for sale and offer a B&B and camping hybrid in a local wilderness, let guests join in on a festival, or give a guided culinary tour of a city. And, of course, you can advertise these services on other platforms other than Airbnb so you can get as much visibility as possible.

Houseboat Rental

Luxury cruises will probably be the last industry to reopen since they have been tagged as a superspreader early on in the pandemic. But while the industry gets back on its feet, people who love exploring the open ocean or any body of water, for that matter, will want to have at least a semblance of a cruise.

The next bet is a luxury houseboat rental. Fortunately, there are so many water attractions in the US that people won’t need to go abroad and go through strict travel protocols to get their taste of vitamin-sea. Houseboat rentals are rising in popularity simply because they’re private, outdoors, and relaxing.

Food business

food concept

Whether it’s homemade cinnamon buns, a Keto meal plan membership program, or a full-blown restaurant, food businesses will surely be profitable in 2022. This is because people have been holed up at home for so long and have become sick of cooking, ordering in, and heating takeaways.

While it’s true and unfortunate that over 100,000 food businesses have permanently closed due to the pandemic, there will be a surge in demand for meals in 2022. So if you’ve been meaning to put up a restaurant or food business, now’s a good time to start up. But it pays to heed lessons from the pandemic, like adopting a more agile and resilient business model. You can start by setting up a robust food delivery option and Instagrammable takeout menus and presentations.

P2P Shuttle Services

Before COVID-19, foreign travelers would rely on public transportation for a more budget-friendly option for getting around. But for health and safety reasons, they will pay a premium on private transportation services.

Any kind of point-to-point service that transports travelers from one place to another. Airport shuttle service, in particular, will be a lucrative niche as mass transport won’t be as accessible in some countries. Even if main tourist destinations start to open, hopping from town to town may still present some challenges. A car shuttle service will serve as a welcome alternative for reaching locations that buses and trains don’t reach.

Walking Tours

Did you know that you can start a tourism business with nothing much of a capital other than your knowledge of your hometown? If you know the ins and outs of your city, know its history by heart, memorize all the landmarks, and can make fool-proof recommendations for food and experiences, you can start a walking tour business.

People love to explore a locale on foot and genuinely immerse in interesting pieces of culture, history, and other hidden gems. You can set up a website advertising your services or you can join platforms like Expedia, Airbnb Experiences, Viator, and Orbitz.

The hospitality industry took a hard hit during the pandemic, but because travel is still a popular pastime, it will still be in demand once the borders open fully. Take advantage of this surge by starting up a tourism business.

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