3 Essential Additions and Installations for Compact Living Spaces

Condominiums come in different sizes, from the small 23 sqm units to the larger than 40 sqm units with a balcony. While getting the largest one in your preferred neighborhood is a great idea, the true deciding factor on what you will be able to buy or rent depends on your budget. Of course, you have to be realistic, but that should not discourage you.

If you happen to be eyeing a one-bedroom unit, but got a small studio unit instead, then all you need is to be creative and smart about maximizing your available square footage. As living in a condo is almost considered as tiny living, you can apply the principles tiny house lovers follow in their spaces. These include being smart with your furniture and fixture choices, keeping fewer items (especially in the closet), and making the most of your layout.

Here are some suggestions you can follow to help you live comfortably, even in a small living space:

1. Clever Keeper

The creative use of spaces could help you ease a load of storage. What many people do not realize is that their place could look wider if they store their items properly and out of the way. To make smart storage solutions work better, you might want to start decluttering. Get yourself a basket, roam around, and decide what items are no longer needed.

Install wall cabinets and shelves along with your ceiling, and not just on your floors. Make use of the headboards (if available) on your beds as shelves or cabinets for storing books and some trinkets. Another awesome idea is to construct mobile storage compartments that can be placed under your furniture or your home’s unused corners.

2. Jack of All Trades

Space-efficient bedroomIntelligently designed furniture is widely popular, especially for small living spaces. Sofas that could unfold as beds are one idea. You can also use tables that flip and turn into wall furnishings. Multi-functional rooms with collapsible furniture can easily transform an area of your unit into a study area or a guest room.

Foldaway wall dividers can also give you a little bit more privacy when needed. Some condos in Quezon City have units that already enjoy these features, so watch out for them. If not, then go ahead and find one that can supply one.

3. Make Clean-Up a Breeze

Efficient cleaning materials and tools are worth looking into since you have minimal space to maintain. The problem, however, is their size. You would not want them to be taking up too much space when not in use.

Choose easy-to-store cleaning materials and collapsible equipment that could be handled even by one person only. Remember that reducing mess and clutter could automatically give your area a fresher and spacious feel, so always keep your room neat and tidy.

For a compact condo unit to be comfortable, you need to be constantly aware of the state of your square footage. After all, living small can still mean living a comfortable and contented life. That is especially true if your condominium building is offering you state-of-the-art amenities and an accessible location.

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