5 Legal Rights of a Truck Driver

Every person has a set of rights granted to them by the law. These rights exist to protect every individual and to give them the compensation they deserve in case of harm or wrong-doing committed by others.

Every person who practices a profession is also granted rights that align with his or her job. For example, employees of a company have the right to demand compensation for injuries sustained at work.

Truck drivers have legal rights too. And often, they are unaware of them. Knowledge of the rights you have in your profession is important so you can get the remedy you deserve in case they are violated. Here are the legal rights of a truck driver.


There exist laws that protect the trucking industry. These are a set of rules that truckers and their employers should comply with. In every task, a truck driver has to abide by the law.

There may be instances when an employer asks a truck driver to do a certain task. If the truck driver is aware that it is against the provisions of trucking laws, he may refuse to perform it. However, if the employer still coerces the truck driver, the latter has the right to file a complaint.


Truck drivers have the right to file complaints against their employers if the matter involves coercion or health and safety concerns. However, most truck drivers don’t bother to exercise this right.

Among the reasons for this is the fear of retaliation from their employers. However, there are several laws and programs geared toward protecting workers who are exercising their rights.

With these laws implemented, workers can file complaints and be protected from retaliation such as firing, demotion, denying a promotion, denial of benefits, intimidation, threat, etc.


truck driver

Truck drivers are faced with the burden of protecting themselves against vehicular accidents. Their jobs put them at risk every day. That’s why it is an employer’s job to make sure the trucks are working in optimal condition.

Truck drivers must inform their employers in case there are safety hazards in the vehicle. But there are instances when the employer doesn’t take the necessary actions. And it is the truck driver who suffers the consequences and risks his safety.

To prevent this, truck drivers may ask the appropriate government agency to conduct vehicular inspections.

Just compensation

Like any other career, truck drivers are entitled to just compensation for all the work that they do. It would be helpful to know the laws in your country or state regarding labor costs. This will help you evaluate whether you are getting paid the right amount for your services and labor.


Especially in the trucking industry, accidents and unforeseen circumstances can be prevalent. A lot of truck drivers experience injuries on the job. But only a few receive awards for damages for sustained injuries.

As a truck driver, you are entitled to compensation in case you suffer injuries while in the performance of your duty. Make sure you avail of these rights and receive the award for damages you are entitled to.

Specific laws have been passed that aim to protect the rights of truck drivers. There are truck labor attorneys in Washington who can help educate you on your rights and protect you from violations.

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