7 New-Normal Ideas to Do This Summer with Your Family

For obvious reasons, summertime won’t be the same this year. A whole lot of us will have to deal with the disappointment that comes with canceled summer plans and postponed traditions. However, this doesn’t mean that this summer will be a total waste. Given the right activity and a little creativity, you can make it one of your most memorable summers.

We have listed a few things you can do to make this season a fun and productive one for you and your family.

7 New Normal Things To Do This Summer

1. Go swimming.

Just because we’re in a pandemic now doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy the usual things you do every summertime. You can still go swimming in public places under certain conditions — that you practice social distancing and comply with the CDC’s updated safety guidelines to keep yourself and your family protected.

So if you’re planning on hiring the services of swimming pool contractors to build a pool in your backyard, go ahead and do so.

2. Do some age-appropriate home improvement projects.

Home improvement projects are a great way of keeping your children occupied and productive for the entire summer. You can come up with a few things to do around the house that’s appropriate for your children’s ages.

You can work together and create storage bins and boxes for their toys or you can assign them to work on and care for different areas of the garden throughout the summer.

3. Redo your children’s rooms.

Another fun home improvement project to take on is to redo your kids’ rooms. The easiest way to do this is to give their rooms new paint jobs. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to refresh a dull room.

You can get everyone involved in painting all the rooms and make a game out of it to make things interesting.

4. Build a backyard obstacle course.

If you have kids whose energies are off the charts, then a backyard obstacle a la American Ninja Warrior. Well, not really as intense but you get the idea.

Your kids will spend hours of fun bouncing around and getting through one obstacle to the other. This is also a creative way to get them to exercise and move about instead of being glued to their mobile devices.

5. Get everyone involved in sidewalk chalk art.

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Nurture your children’s artistic and creative side by introducing them to art — sidewalk chalk art, that is. During lockdown season, sidewalk chalk art became a thing again as households took to the streets and made their neighborhoods colorful and attractive with artwork done by families to express their thanks for frontliners and messages of hope for everyone else.

You can keep the ball rolling by working on a few inspiring sidewalk artworks with your children or just draw whatever it is they want to express their artistic side. Either way, it’s a fun family activity to do.

6. Build cardboard masterpieces.

Another artistic endeavor you can get your kids into is building cardboard creations. This activity allows kids to use their imagination to turn something as dull as cardboard into something magical. They can make a car, a ship, a castle, or anything they can think up. Their imagination is their limit.

Be there to provide parental guidance especially when they’re using certain sharp tools. They would also appreciate your being there to show them support and encouragement.

7. Hold a video game Olympics.

Since your children are born in the digital age, video games are an inevitable part of their summer. Why don’t you make it more fun and invite a handful of their friends over? Of course, you still need to exercise caution and minimize the risks of anyone getting infected.

An easy workaround to this is to do an online gaming tournament between your kids and their pals. Put up prizes to motivate them to do their best.

Despite the new normal we’re facing, summertime can be fun for you and your kids. All you need is the right activity and some creativity and resourcefulness. This might even be one of the most memorable summers they will ever have.

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