8 Eye-Catching Interior Design Features to Captivate Your Guests

There are so many things we can do to make life easier during the pandemic, the first of which is to give our homes an upgrade. Studies show that our environment can greatly affect our mental health, and how our homes are designed and laid out can make or break how we cope in the time of COVID-19.   If you have some money saved up to upgrade your residential property, and you want to wow your guests for when you can have them over again, here are some tips for choosing eye-catching design elements that can instantly give your home a facelift.

Offbeat hanging lights

Depending on the design of your home, you can choose hanging lights or chandeliers that make a statement. For example, pendant lights will look incredible in a modern-style home. If you and your family have an art appreciation, you can look into hanging lights or chandeliers that were specifically designed by artists. Whatever design you choose, a chandelier that looks like an art installation can surely be a great conversation starter.

Shiny furniture pieces

A lot of homeowners are wary about adding eye-catching shine into their homes, such as coffee tables made of bronze furniture, or decorative elements or pieces that are made of stainless steel or brass. But adding a certain level of shine to your house can instantly add a dash of personality and extra oomph into your living space. It can also help add a level of interest in your home without you having to introduce splashes of color.

Large plants

Another way to add personality and uniqueness to your home is by incorporating large plants into the common areas. You can set up a few large plants in your home’s hallways or the corners of your living room, anywhere you want to add character into your space. Plants look especially good against white or pastel-colored walls, so if your home is predominantly neutral, houseplants will add more serenity to your space.


Splashes of color

If, on the other hand, you want to feel energized every time you wake up or when you step into your house’s common areas, splashes of color can instantly amp up your mood and your energy levels. While there has been some research into how colors affect our moods, the only one who can truly know how colors make you feel is you. So if you want to add bright and bold hues into your space, choose a color that enforces how you want to feel during the day. If you teal reminds you of the ocean and therefore of calm, choose teal-colored design pieces. If warm shades like terracotta and rustic orange boost your energy levels and motivation, incorporate more of those colors in your office.

Patterned floors

There’s something about patterned floors that can instantly turn a room from zero to hero. If your kitchen is on the neutral side in terms of design, consider kicking it up a notch by having patterned vinyl flooring installed in your kitchen or dining area. From chic marble floor styles to classic hardwood ones, patterned floors are an easy way to add a level of pizzazz to any room in your house.

Statement chairs

Another easy way to give your interiors an eye-catching upgrade is by investing in some statement or accent chairs. Whether for your office or library or for lounging in the living room, there is no shortage of statement chair designs that can fulfill every need. Leather Barcelona chairs may be reminiscent of therapists’ offices, but they’re good for lounging during lazy afternoons. Tufted accent chairs can also give your living room an instant aesthetic boost.

Interesting wallpaper

As 2020 gave rise to the cottagecore aesthetic, wallpaper with graphic designs also saw a rise in popularity. This is because it’s a low-maintenance way of switching up a room. If you’re into nature and have houseplants, consider choosing nature-inspired patterns. If your room is otherwise simple, abstract designs can be a way to add a classy sort of busyness into the room. When done right, even 3D wallpaper can look chic and elegant.

Learn the rules to break them

When done right, unconventional design ideas don’t need to be too intimidating. That’s the reason why we need to learn the basic rules of interior design — so that we can break them. If there’s a certain design element that you’re interested in but you think it’s too offbeat or “out there,” don’t be too quick to dismiss it.

Read up on specific interior design rules surrounding that design element and see if there’s a way to get around that rule without sacrificing what looks good.

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