A Look into Handling Laundry and How to Be Efficient About It

Doing laundry is usually an easy task that many people tend to complicate. From the failure to sort the laundry correctly to the selection of wrong detergents. As a result, laundry appears to become a boring and tedious task that many people tend to avoid whenever possible.

That should not be the case. Managing your laundry well may turn laundry into an effortless chore.

Using a washing machine

The washing machine remains the best way of handling laundry. They are not only efficient but also time-saving. However, you need to identify the right one. There are several brands in the Philippines that sell washing machines from which you may select your most preferred one.

Your decision may be based on several factors depending on what you want. For instance, different washing machines have different holding capacities. If you often have a lot of laundries to clean, you may consider purchasing one that offers a relatively bigger capacity.

Also, it is essential to consider the energy rating of the washing machine. You want a washing machine that displays proper energy efficiency. Otherwise, you may end up with high power bills each month.

Use the right amount of detergent

The type and amount of detergent used is very important. Usually, a majority of detergents are manufactured for general use. However, there are some special detergents meant to deal with tough stains such as grease stains and hence may not be used for general laundry purposes.

Additionally, the nature and color of the clothes to be cleaned may determine the type of detergent used. Remember, a majority of detergents have the ability to bleach dyes. That means there is a likelihood that colored clothes may fade or appear discolored.

Thus, it is essential to ensure that you use the right detergent for laundry. The use of excess detergent may also result in a need to use more rinse water, which is likely to result in increased water and power bills.

Fold and hang your clothes regularly

Holding a pile of folded clothes

The last step of laundry is folding and hanging the clothes. Sometimes, people tend to clean their clothes only to later heap them together on a chair or iron table. The clothes end up creased, which increases the effort required to iron them.

Instead, make sure that all clean clothes are folded or hanged within a day of laundry. That reduces the chances of forgetting about them or postponing the task to a later date. Folded clothes ensure that your bedroom or closet appears tidy.

It also makes it easier to locate the clothes you are looking for whenever the need arises. Be sure to arrange the cleaned laundry depending on the frequency of use. For example, a company branded t-shirt that you wear only once a year when attending an annual event may be folded and placed furthest as opposed to other t-shirts that you wear more regularly.

Different laundries require different attention. That may be a factor of their material and color. It also makes sense to deal with similar laundry together. All those are possible aspects that you need to consider when arranging your cleaning schedule to make it more efficient.

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