Are People Still Investing Despite the Pandemic?

Experts said that any crisis is a good opportunity to make money. A lot of people are going to be wealthy after the coronavirus pandemic. That is if they are not too scared to invest their money in the right things. The coronavirus pandemic plummeted economies last year as countries went into lockdown. It caused the closure of some big businesses (and many smaller ones) and the loss of millions of jobs here and abroad.

That leads people to question whether this is a good time to invest. Or, should they hold back their cash, put it in the bank, and use it only for emergencies? While the market is still in a good shape, that’s only because of government grants, stimulus packages, and ultra-low interest rates. There’s also the fact that the arrival of the vaccine made industries hopeful that things will get back to normal.

But these safety nets are just that… safety nets. They do not define what’s to come when the stipend runs dry. The truth is that markets are still volatile for an investment. Even in industries like healthcare and technology, investors are wary about putting in their money. This is where people who make money off crises and people who don’t differ.

Putting Money in Your Personal Safety

Fortunately, people are realizing the importance of putting their assets to safety first. Those who own a house are buying home insurance because they don’t want to be troubled financially when something goes wrong in the future. Insurance is like an emergency fund. You can use the policy for home repairs, as well as to cover for medical expenses if a guest had an accident in your house.

Aside from house insurance, people are also upgrading their health insurance policies. They want expanded protection. They want coverage for their children and even pets. The pandemic might have broken down economic stabilities, but it opened the people’s eyes to what they need — safer assets.

Investing in the Stock Market


Celebrity financial adviser Suze Orman wants people to invest in the stock market. That is people who have money to spare. These are people without a huge credit card debt, are still earning, and have at least an eight-month emergency fund. Otherwise, people who are scraping the bottom of the barrel cannot put their money in the stock market right now.

The reason is that the market is still volatile. It will jump three percentage points and fall by five. There are food days and bad days in the market. So, unless you don’t need your money in the next five (10 is better) years, you have no business investing in the stock market.

Over the past months, more and more millennials (those with steady jobs) are buying stocks from industries like retail and hospitality (hotels, resorts, and spas). Why not? For now, they do not have mortgages to pay. Many of them are still renting apartments. Industries need their digital and analytical skills. Many companies forced older career workers to retire and kept the younger ones because of their knowledge in digital marketing and the like.

Buying Gold and Properties

There’s also a lot of interest in buying metals and precious stones. In particular, people are investing in gold, which is still in a volatile position today. The thing about this precious metal, however, is that it bounces back pretty quickly. It also doesn’t really lose its value and always maintains a kind of buffer against market insecurities.

In March 2020, the prices of gold dived. But a year before that, it increased by 22%. That only proves how gold can bring you a fortune if you take advantage of the lower prices now. People are realizing that. They’re buying more gold than ever before. Those who have already bought it at higher prices are purchasing more.

Similar to gold, people are also buying properties because of the low mortgage rates. It dipped to its lowest just this week. If you’re in a good position to buy a home, take the steps others have already taken. Even if you have a home, you should look at investing in properties that you can rent out. It will boost your investment portfolio, as well as secure your retirement.

People are spending less, which means they have more money for investments. Those with a steady income are putting this money not in banks but in investments that can grow once the pandemic is over. Experts said it will take at least three years for the market to revive. And once it does, there’s no telling how much fortune people who have the guts to invest now can get.

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