Bail Bondsmen Aren’t the Evil That They’re Being Portrayed As

The bail bond industry is a $2-billion industry. Outside the United States, only in the Philippines is where bail bond practice is legal. Based on these two facts alone, it is easy to assume that bail bondsmen are crooks who are out to rip off people in distress. Their detractors never relent to put them in a bad light.

While there is no denying that a bail bondsman in Charlotte, NC, in a Seattle suburb, or even in the nation’s capital makes money off relatives and friends of arrested individuals, their line of work does not necessarily make one evil. In fact, it is the authorities that make the arrest and set the bail, depending on the crime.

A bail bond agent is only there to take care of the bail for a fee in case the family of the arrested individual does not have the funds. If the accused flees and does not show up in a trial, the bail bondsman has to absorb the financial loss. Being in a business of earning money off distressed people may seem immoral, but a bail bondsman service does a lot of good.

Here is how you can family can benefit from it:

1. Processing the Release More Quickly

You can handle the paperwork on your own, but there is a great chance that your loved one may spend much longer behind bars. An experienced bail bond agent makes it easy to navigate the complicated criminal justice system to speed up the process. Use this licensed professional’s long-standing relationship with local courts to vouch for you.

A bail bond agency that never sleeps can accept the necessary documents from you electronically to start the process before your actual meeting with the agent. If everything goes smoothly, your loved one will not have to spend one more minute in jail than they should be.

2. Providing a Convenient Payment Arrangement

Regarding the fee, you do not necessarily have to pay cash. Bail bondsmen understand that it can be difficult to come up with about 10% of the bail immediately. If you find a reasonable bail bond agent, you may be allowed to pay through credit card, wire transfer, certified check, or even PayPal.

3. Keeping Liquid Money Accessible

With flexible payment arrangement, you can keep all of your cash safely in your pocket. Paying with plastic buys you time to contend with this surprise expense later, allowing you to focus on getting your arrested loved one out of detention.

4. Preventing Premature Sale of Assets

Wad of money and gavel

Some people make the mistake of selling their valuables in hopes of producing enough money to bail out an arrested loved one. They typically agree to sell their possessions short out of desperation. Even worse, the proceeds of the sale are sometimes inadequate.

A bail bond agent may ask for collateral if your arrested loved one is suspected of being a flight risk, but nothing will happen with the security you use as long as they keep their end of the bargain.

Say what you like about bail bondsmen, but you can’t discount the value of their service. Without them, many individuals can become traumatized in prison before they even have their day in court.

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