Boosting Your Drop Shipping Sales: Pointers to Remember

eCommerce giants like Amazon have been following the dropshipping business model since 2011, meaning if these companies can do it, then there’s an opportunity for smaller online stores to do the same. With the industry ever-growing, you’ll have numerous potential sales to leverage on—and drop shipping makes it flexible and affordable to achieve. However, people are catching up, with over 24 million online stores globally, making the competition fierce.

That’s why, besides asking what the best shipping software is, you should also consider how you can stand out among the rest and increase your dropshipping sales.

Here are seven ways you can give your drop shipping sales a boost.

Regularly Check the Competition

When running a dropshipping business, remember that you’ll be competing with other drop shipping operations and retail giants. If you want to stand out amongst them, make sure to check out how much companies are charging for shipping costs, what suppliers or manufacturers they’re working with, and what their profit margins are. Doing this helps you see where others are lacking, giving you the chance to avoid these pitfalls or develop better strategies.

Ask for Customer Feedback

You can build trust and reputation by featuring customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials on your websites. That’s because running a dropshipping website can be challenging since most shoppers would be skeptical about the quality of your products since you’re not in charge of it. That’s why you should add customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials, building visitor trust—and eventual sales.

Run Facebook Ads

One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of increasing your dropshipping sales is by running Facebook Ads that suit your marketing goals and budgets. More than 2 billion monthly active users are on the social media platform, so it only makes sense to advertise your business on this massive networking site. Plus, it gives you the chance to collect rich and diverse data, giving you more ideas of what the people want. An excellent way to increase engagement with your Facebook Ads and increase sales is by promoting video content for more accurate targeting.

Plus, video content usually lasts longer on potential customers’ minds than text-based content—which is crucial for any dropshipping business. After all, the more customers remember your content, the more will remember your brand, driving in more sales and leads. However, make sure to target ads to individuals on your contact or email list as they’re usually the best source of potential paying customers.

Sell Highly Rated Products

With proper market research, you’ll quickly know what your customers want, and a good rule of thumb is selling products that customers love. You can do this by checking out reviews and ratings on big eCommerce platforms like Amazon or Shopify. After all, you won’t have control over product quality, so your best bet will be looking at highly rated products to increase your drop shipping sales and have fewer returns.

Analyze and Optimize

pointing to graph on tablet

For your dropshipping business to seamlessly operate and help you steadily increase your sales, you must track all data and metrics available. These include Google Analytics traffic and Facebook conversions if these are your primary customer acquisition channels. When you’re able to track all conversions or know where the customer originated from and what paths they took on your site that eventually led to a purchase, allow you to scale what works and what doesn’t.

Take Advantage of Email Pop-ups

In most cases, within the first few seconds of a potential customer’s visit to your website, 55% of them leave your website. That’s why capturing their email addresses is crucial in the lead conversion process. You can increase your chances of achieving success and turn your visitors into subscribers by employing marketing strategies that compel them to do just that. One of the best ways to do this is by incentivizing email pop-ups to motivate them into joining your email list.

Once you get their email addresses, you can begin nurturing these leads with different email marketing content, engaging them with your dropshipping business more—eventually driving them to buy something.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

One of the best ways to increase your sales is by encouraging shoppers to purchase more with upsell and cross-sell marketing. That’s because as a dropshipping business, you’d naturally want to maximize all transactions in any way possible, and implementing product upselling and cross-selling strategies can help give your transactional values a boost.

Dropshipping has become a popular and lucrative business model for modern entrepreneurs thanks to its convenience, low startup costs, and internet marketing skills outweighing finances. Since you don’t need to stock or directly handle the goods you’re selling, you can start a dropshipping business with little costs—and the tips mentioned can help you increase your sales over time.

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