Build Your Own Man Cave Right on Your Lawn

The man cave—a point of contention between husbands and wives since time immemorial. Does every man need a special place for his hobbies and interests? Not really. But almost every man wants a place to house his hobbies and interests. If you can’t make space in the house, you can build one of these kits for granny flats right in your own backyard.

A Gamer’s Paradise

Women will never understand what it is about men and video games. Gamers are less likely to cheat on their wives because they have other outlets to vent their stress and frustrations. A granny flat built for gaming will require a high-speed Internet connection, proper cable management, a flatscreen TV, some consoles, and soundproofing if you and your friends get a bit rowdy. You can even set up a couple of virtual reality modules and watch your friends make fools of themselves as they play the latest zombie game. If you’re a bit geekier—like dungeons and dragons geeky— you can turn that granny flat into a makeshift dungeon with an ornate centre table. Even Joe Manganiello, who’s married to Sofia Vergara no less, made his own dungeon and filled it with dragons and beholders. Clearly, you can’t separate a man from his games. Just don’t overdo your gaming.

Rock On

Sometimes music calls to you. Even if you have never made it big or don’t even plan to attempt it, playing an instrument has its own benefits. It balances your mood and is a good way to de-stress. Playing music elevates your endorphin levels, making you a happier person. If you rock with friends, that’s even better. Playing music as part of a collective raises endorphin and adrenaline levels similar to religious trances. You will need soundproofing—the best kind. Exclusive granny flat kits will often have soundproofing options, and you can easily ask contractors for soundproofing solutions for your flat. You will need extra electrical outlets if you’re bringing back the band as well as tighter security measures because guitars and amps are expensive.

Weekend Workshop

Man using tablet in his workshop

Whether you’re building small chairs and tables or large canoes and boats, keeping your power tools away from your children should always be a priority. A separate granny flat to house your carpentry hobby (or side job) keeps the kids away from the dangerous table saws and drills which can cause horrible accidents. Keeping things away from the house also spares your family from the noise and dust you create as you go about your project. A medium-sized granny flat will allow you to store most of your tools as well as the needed materials for your many potential endeavours. You might need to amp up the electrical capacity of your outlets and use special wiring to avoid any problems with your power tools. Carpentry is a great de-stressing activity that allows you to focus and achieve Zen-like peace, similar to meditation. Don’t forget those safety glasses.

Let the missus have her way with the house. Build your own man cave with a granny flat kit. Avoid any potential problems and still have a place for the in-laws in the future.

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