Buying a Car for Your Startup? Here are the Best Ones to Consider

When you frequently meet with your vendors or clients outside the office, your company definitely needs its own car. It’ll be helpful not just for transporting you and your employees, but also for controlling the costs business excursions incur.

Your choice of a car should of course depend on your budget, nature of the business, brand image, and other requirements. But surprisingly, businesses that are distinct from one another can benefit from the same type of vehicle. For example, a retailer may use a fuel-efficient sedan, and get the most of its value just like a real estate agent would.

But if your company aims to impress clients, then you might need to invest in a luxury car. This is the typical case for businesses that cater to the affluent clientele. Their company car will be a part of their brand, and a critical factor in boosting their credibility.

That said, let’s line up the best cars you should choose for your small business:

1. Subaru Crosstrek

You may buy a brand-new Crosstrek, which is a revamp of its earlier models, for around $22,000. But the used models are a good economical choice, particularly the year 2016 option, which you can buy for a fair price of around $16,662.

Subaru has a good reputation, requiring minimal repairs and maintenance. The biggest issue you have to watch out for is perhaps timing belt damage; Subarus are one of the few autos that has a timing belt in its engine, so that’s one extra component to maintain. When it breaks down, it has to be replaced immediately. No worries, though, because Subaru timing belt installers are easy to find and are always reliable.

2. Honda Civic

A Honda Civic may be a common sight on the streets, but it won’t make your business appear typical. The Civic is known for its reliability, and its latest generation boasts of numerous driver aids as standard equipment. It also has spacious interiors, which make business trips with colleagues comfortable.

The Honda Civic has a sedan and hatchback body styles, both with generous amounts of cargo space. There’s also a Civic-based Insight hybrid, which offers higher fuel-efficiency.

3. Volkswagen Jetta

Despite its manufacturer’s reputation for top-notch luxury, the Volkswagen Jetta isn’t as pricey as you’d expect. A new one costs only around $19,000, while a used 2016 model can be purchased for less than $12,000.

Don’t be dubious of its low price tag, though. It’s still a top-performing vehicle with excellent fuel economy, an upgradable engine, spacious interiors, and a manual transmission model. So if you enjoy driving a stick, then this luxury car suits you perfectly.

SUV on a dirt track

4. Toyota Prius

Being a hybrid, a Toyota Prius will help build up your business’s green credentials. It has a hatchback body style that offers ample cargo space, ideal for business trips that’ll require you to bring equipment. What’s more, Toyota’s hybrid powertrains have withstood hefty miles of rough service in taxis. Thus, the Prius can definitely take you to out-of-town gigs without hassle.

In addition, Toyota Prius has an all-wheel-drive available, and a Prius Prime plug-in hybrid for greater fuel economy. So if you’d be having frequent long-distance business trips, put the Prius on top of your list.

5. Toyota Corolla

Another common sight on the streets for decades now, the Toyota Corolla will just never lose its shine. It is one of the best-selling cars in the world to this day. For an affordable MSRP of $19,620, you’ll already get the 2019 model with great gas mileage and other innovative features. It also requires minimal maintenance, saving your business time and money.

A Toyota Corolla 2020 is already available as well, deserving a spot in your top options too.

6. Chrysler Pacifica

If you need to transport a team or a bunch of equipment, the Chrysler Pacifica minivan is your guy. Its standard version has “Stow N’ Go” seats, which folds into the floor to make moving passengers and cargo smoother. For that reason, it’s your ideal car if you’re in the events or entertainment industry, offering photography and videography services, or hair and makeup services.

7. Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata is a good alternative for an expensive luxury vehicle. While it may not reach the level of actual luxury cars, its upscale interiors can make up for that little shortcoming. Moreover, it has good gas mileage, spacious seats, user-friendly tech features, and a good predicted reliability rating. Like the Volkswagen Jetta, it is an excellent car to drive if you’re often meeting with prominent clients.

These seven cars possess all the qualities that a small business typically requires, which are reliability, fuel-efficiency, minimal maintenance, and affordability. With any of these autos as your asset, your business operations will carry on more conveniently, and of course, more fashionably.

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