Draw More Guests in Your Vacation Rental This Summer with These 4 Tips

Do you have a vacation rental or an Airbnb? There’s no better time to plan to increase your revenue than today.

In this article, you will learn four tricks to transform your property into a sought-after summer home:

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1. Prep the Home for Summer

It’s always best to start planning early for summer, and that involves getting your home prepared for guests. To do this, prepare clean linens and towels, replace light bulbs as necessary, clean up any spare items from rooms so there is extra space, and add a simple welcome package to the home.

Change any bedsheets that you use for yourself like pillowcases and comforter covers, which could have your scent. This will help guests feel more comfortable in their surroundings as they won’t feel like someone was sleeping there before them.

Summer is also an amazing season to spend more time in the yard. If you have a pool, call specialists for pH balance pool maintenance. A poor pH balance makes it an ideal breeding ground for algae, moss, and even microorganisms.

Don’t forget to mow the lawn one last time before spring turns to summer, make sure to check irrigation systems for any leaks, and take care of any gutter concerns caused by winter weather changes before guests come in.

2. Update Your Property’s Social Media Pictures

To constantly attract guests, consider posting up-to-date at least a couple of times per week (it doesn’t matter the frequency as long as you’re consistent). Your photos can vary. For example, you can show how the weather changes throughout the season.

Other ideas include outside parties and events, cooking out with friends and family, all the fun activities available to guests at your location such as scuba diving or snorkeling, scenic views from the beach or pool area, and bike rides.

When necessary, hire a professional photographer. When you hire a professional photographer, you’re guaranteed high-quality, beautiful images that will make your vacation rental property stand out on social media. Professional photographers know how to capture the perfect shot and can help tell your property’s story in a way that amateurs can’t.

3. Revisit Your Branding Strategies

With so many vacation rentals out there, what makes your house ideal for a summer holiday? Think about generic phrases like “fully renovated” and “modern amenities,” then think of how you can make your home appealing to guests with terms that are more relevant to your space.

For example, if your vacation rental has a Spanish background theme, emphasize the cultural aspects of it instead of generalizing it as another beachfront property. Talk about the Mexican art and Spanish phrases on the walls, and how guests can enjoy homemade tortillas and salsa while listening to live mariachi music.

You can also develop a unique selling proposition (USP). It can be your location (e.g., “the beach is only a few steps away”), the size of the house (e.g., “it can accommodate 12 people”), or amenities (e.g., “includes kayaks”).

When sticking with a general branding method, make sure your messaging is consistent across all platforms and not specific to one audience or another.

4. Provide Them with an Incredible Experience

Studies now show that more people are willing to spend money on experiences. Give your guests an experience they will never forget by having a property that is well-designed for refreshing activities and incredible customer service.

Imagine your ideal vacation rental home. What are two or three main reasons why you would love to stay there? Now, think about how you can turn your house into that dream vacation home. You don’t have to be a designer or a carpenter to bring your vision to life.

A simple garden with organic fruits and vegetables, flower boxes with petunias and geraniums, a sandbox in the front yard for children to play in, or a fire pit and patio set can already make a huge difference.

It doesn’t matter if you live far from the beach or the mountains either. If you want to host events near your home, consider renting space at a nearby park for family picnics, kid’s birthday parties, barbecues with friends, or outdoor yoga sessions in the morning.

If you have to drive a few miles away, at least make sure the neighborhood is safe and quiet so that guests can feel relaxed when they are outside your property. What could be more relaxing than taking a nighttime stroll down your street?

Finally, remember to highlight the history of your vacation rental property if it has one. For instance, if it used to be a police station or an old-fashioned general store, include those details in your posts and you might find yourself attracting guests who are interested in the hometown history as well.

When you take good care of your vacation rental property and offer unforgettable experience, then there is no doubt that you’ll draw more guests this summer.


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