These Blue-collar Jobs Remain Essential to Our Daily Lives Today

Many businesses focus on food manufacturing, restaurants, construction, repair services, and online selling. But some jobs go beyond the expectation of everybody. These businesses may seem to be not the typical job everybody appreciates. Yet nobody could imagine the situation if there is nobody works with this business.

What are these businesses that people could not want to do? People immediately think of garbage collectors, but these jobs are more challenging. Though it may seem that these jobs are unimaginable, people earn more from these tasks. They are part of the blue-collar jobs. Yet, these jobs are more unique on most occasions. People would not even imagine living without these jobs. Here are some examples.


This type of business will be at the top of the list. An embalmer is someone who deals with dead bodies. An embalmer is a risky job that always gets involved with harmful chemicals that a corpse could have. It is a very challenging job for everybody. It involves a worker to potential virus and infection. But whenever you need them, the embalmer is an expert that everybody could rely on.

The importance of embalming goes from centuries. Embalming prevents the body from developing bacteria and viruses. It also helps to keep a presentable appearance for preparation. Moreover, the great thing about this business is earning as much as $50,000 per year. If someone is the type of person who could do the job, money is already guaranteed.

Sewage and septic cleaning

The title of the business itself can sound unpleasant. Sewage and septic cleaning deals with a lot of unhealthy experiences in the process. Pumping sewage systems and cleaning septic tanks are modern practices. There is some manual work involved in the business. The usual work is to ensure that sewage and septic tanks are clean.

This type of job is also challenging. Hence, people are getting paid well for this business. A company who run this kind of business could have their workers earn almost $50,000 per year. Depending on the task at hand, sewage and septic cleaners also play a vital part in society. They assure everybody that sewage and septic tanks are out of trouble. Nobody does it better than those running these types of businesses.

Toxic waste removal

Hazardous waste removal is the most critical job a man could ever do. Toxic waste is products produced by factories or industrial power plants. These materials can cause skin problems, blindness, and poisoning. But, companies in this business provide proper planning and protocol. They also provide safety equipment for all workers to ensure safety in the area.

Thus, removing toxic waste involves a lot of careful planning and action. Workers who are risking their lives to do these tasks are unsung heroes. They help prevent an accident from spreading. Toxic waste removers earn as much as $40,000 per year, and even this business is still growing by demand.

car mechanic fixing a car

High-rise building washing and painting

Washing windows and painting walls from high-rise buildings are some challenging businesses still present today. Since the development of high-rise structures, there is no other way to wash the windows or painting the wall. What they do is providing baskets and hang them beside a building. Weather conditions are a big challenge, as it could potentially affect the working stability of the workers above.

But no matter how challenging business can be, workers always find it exciting. The business requires crawling, rappelling, and hanging on walls to achieve the desired result. Hence, they are also paid around $40,000 for those who can do the job. It is not as difficult as it may seem, as they provide all necessary and safety protocols.

Pest control

This business may sound simple, but it involves high caution. The business is always involved with insects and reptiles. Also, mosquitoes and pests like rats can cause harm to people. Pest control workers are also in contact with hazardous chemicals. This is usually done they apply chemicals to nesting grounds and can cause skin disease. But, everything comes with great planning. Pest workers are those who end the potential threats in a household.

Pest control companies always keep a careful strategy for their workers to avoid unnecessary exposure to hazard. They also provide proper uniforms to ensure safety. It only needs strong immunity to pests and works in dirty environments to complete the task for this job. This job provides earnings up to $30,000 per year that makes it a great business to consider.

There are still other jobs that may be considered challenging. But these jobs could allow an entrepreneur to earn money while helping society. These types of business are as important as other jobs are. Always remember that a worker needs to be physically and mentally healthy. These jobs involved many risks, and it is important to work in good shape to finish the tasks. Yet, the job is well-secured to meet the safety requirements.

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