Expense Reduction 101: Lowering Your Company’s Electricity Bill

Business owners spend a lot of their hard-earned revenue paying for energy costs. Data from ENERGY STAR estimates that small businesses in the U.S. spend over $60 billion annually on electricity.

Electricity bills, when left unchecked, could take a considerable chunk out of your bottom line. Although you can’t altogether remove energy usage in your company, you can take steps to trim your electricity bill.

Here are practical and simple strategies to minimize your company energy bill:

Get Energy-Efficient Equipment for Your Company

Before you buy or install central air conditioning and other appliances in your office, make sure they are energy-efficient. Look for the ENERGY STAR product label on the equipment. That will tell you that the machine adheres to stringent energy efficiency criteria, which helps save your business money.

Schedule an Energy Audit

An energy audit will help you figure out your company’s baseline electricity usage. It will also give you recommendations to conserve energy in the office.

Some utility companies provide a complimentary energy audit program to make sure that your business is using electricity efficiently. Reach out to these firms to get an estimate of energy usage in your office and determine ways to trim down your consumption.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

This type of thermostat can change the temperature of your office automatically. When no one is working in your office, the device can turn off your workplace’s AC unit. Less air conditioning translates to more savings for your business.

Use Natural Sunlight to Illuminate Your Office

If sunlight can reach your commercial space, use that instead of switching on the lights. During sunny days, open the window blinds to let the light in your workplace. Apart from illuminating your office, natural sunlight offers other benefits. Researchers from Cornell University found that natural light could boost wellness and health among employees, which may increase productivity.

Minimize Paper Wastage

Print documents only when needed. It not only cuts down the use of paper supplies but also decreases the energy required to power up and operate your printer. This simple action comes with a host of benefits, including reduced waste, lower energy costs, and a longer printer lifespan.

Unplug Office Devices When Not in Use

empty office

Switching off computers and other workplaces isn’t enough. You need to unplug them, as well. Plugged appliances generate phantom energy — electricity used by a machine even when it’s not running.

Phantom appliances, when plugged all day and night, can contribute to your company’s energy bill. Office laptops in sleep mode, for instance, could consume up to 55 watts. Your workplace TV may draw as much as 30 watts. The bottom line is that you don’t let these vampire appliances add up to your energy cost. Unplug these machines to help your business reduce electricity costs.

Seal Drafts in Your Office

Drafts, no matter how small they are, can cause hot or cold air to escape from your workplace. That can push your heater or air conditioning system to work harder (and use more energy in the process) to regulate the office temperature. Eliminate these unwanted drafts by sealing and insulating your work environment.

Following these energy saving suggestions will help you lower your company’s electricity costs. Trimming away your energy spending will allow you to enjoy bigger profit margins and help you grow your business.

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