Exploring High-end Condos and Flats: What Do They Have to Offer?

There are no set qualifications for sharing housing blocks to be referred to as luxurious or affluent. However, these places usually exude some form of opulence and class to achieve that status. When living in luxurious condominium units and flats, you get to enjoy a glamorous life.

Luxury condo units for sale or rent are given extra oomph and glamour with art pieces and tasteful decor. If you want to make your real estate investments more upscale and command a higher price for them, make sure to hire an experienced landed property interior designer in Singapore. That said, here are some of the things you can expect to see inside a high-end condo or flat.


Modern luxury condos and flats often come with smart light switches and fixtures, giving you the ‘true’ 21st-century experience. However, some come with statement lightings such as vintage lamps and large chandeliers, serving as a focal point to any room. These units may also come with light accents that let you explore your creativity and decorate the place with a touch of vibrancy.


A luxurious condo or flat requires a sumptuous bathroom. That’s why in these affluent living quarters, you’ll often encounter outrageous bathrooms, providing an opulent experience even while you’re sitting down the toilet. These bathrooms recreate the vibes of luxurious spas, providing amenities such as walk-in showers, jacuzzis, large soaker bathtubs, head-to-toe shower jets, and towel warmers.

hot tub

Luxurious and Long Dining Tables

Luxury condos and units not only provide kitchen appliances and cookware, but they also come with fancy long dining tables made from expensive materials, such as marble and hardwood, in a separate dining area. It gives you the full features of a home in a relatively compact and comfortable space. Besides a classy dining table, some units may also provide other seating areas in the kitchen, such as by the countertops for quick drinks with friends.

Up-to-Date Kitchen Appliances

Luxury condos and flats often come with top of the class kitchen appliances, ranging from the latest coffee machine to the double-doored smart refrigerators. Other units may provide complimentary stoves, ovens, microwaves to residents, and are often clean and up to date. The counter space you’ll get depends on the condo or flat, so make sure you check beforehand if you plan on moving to one. Additionally, they may also provide built-in gas grills, sinks, and stainless food preparation areas.

Although uncommon, some may even provide cookware, plates, glasses, and utensils to make your meals feel just a bit fancier.

Smart Features

Technology has infiltrated many facets of modern life, and you can expect it to have a massive influence on your luxury condo and flat. Smart condominiums and apartments are the future, providing sustainable high-end amenities and getting ahead of the Internet of Things (IoT) game. There are many smart features you can find in an upscale flat or condo unit.

The most common ones are:   AI-powered thermostats, allowing residents to adjust the heat and air conditioning remotely. Smart locks for upgraded security. Smart light switches let you turn off the light fixtures inside your place with a remote or your phone. Electric blinds that let you close and open window blinds using your smartphone or remote control.

These features can make your flat or condo more functional, modern, and convenient—and eco-friendly, allowing you to enjoy your living space confidently. Other and more uncommon things that luxury living quarters provide are built-in flat-screen televisions or speakers, AI-powered speakers, and complimentary vacuum robots.

Office Furniture

With more individuals moving away from the conventional and ‘stuffy’ office setting, home offices have become the rave for many, making it a valuable aspect to residents. That’s why in luxury flats and condos, you’ll often find a dedicated office usually equipped with top-of-the-line furniture, bringing the workplace in the comfort of your home. These include expensive office chairs, a presidential table, and ample built-in storage spaces. Some units even come with espresso coffee machines, making it a place where you actually want to work.

Luxury condos and flats can cost a lot. However, that’s because they’re usually well taken care of and have several things that typical units don’t have. Appliances and interiors are often updated in these upscale living quarters alongside excellent amenities. They also provide some of the best views in the area and are often the most secure and private.

Although upscale condos and flats provide different things, you can expect to find the items mentioned—and all you need to do is figure out how to merge your unique style with what’s already there.

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