Finding the Best Workspace for Your Business: What to Note

How your environment looks and feels can significantly affect the success of your small business or startup. Studies show that lighting, temperature, air quality, and noise conditions in the workplace can dramatically influence your productivity and concentration and that of your employees and coworkers. It can also have a significant effect on the perceptions and behavior of the workers in the workplace.

If you want to achieve your company’s goals, you cannot underestimate the power of your office or workspace and how it can contribute to or sabotage your mission. Here are some pointers for finding the perfect workspace for your company.

Get your finances in order

First, you need to determine your budget and how much your business can afford to shell out every month without leaving your company house poor. Whether your company is just starting out or simply expanding, you still need to identify your budget for the workspace or office lest you opt for one that goes above what you can afford.

A rule of thumb is that your budget for your workspace rental should be anywhere between 2 and 20 percent of your gross income, but it will largely depend on what industry you’re in. Consider consulting with a financial expert or an eviction lawyer to learn the best practices for small businesses and how you can protect not just your financial assets but also your place as a tenant when you finally find the perfect office or workspace.

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Location, location, location

There’s a reason why this three-word real estate tip is universal at this point: It’s because no matter the state of the economy, where you choose to live and work matters. If your place of work will cater to plenty of customers or clients, you need to ensure the following:

  • Your office or headquarters needs to be easily accessible. Not all of your employees and customers or clients may have the resources to drive their own cars, so you have to ensure that your workspace needs to at least be close to bus or train stations and that people can walk that distance.
  • A short, convenient, and easy commute makes for much healthier, happier, and more productive team members, so you want to invest in an office that is easily accessible and near to their homes.
  • Ideally, the office should also be near plenty of establishments so that you and your team members have many options for coffee and food throughout the day.

Prioritize natural light

Another way your business can save up on office rental expenses is by opting for a space that allows for plenty of natural light. Here are the benefits of this commercial real estate feature:

  • It will help you spend less on electricity expenses. Big windows that let in plenty of natural light lessen your need for artificial lighting, which can contribute significantly to higher utility costs.
  • Natural light yields plenty of benefits for our overall well-being—it helps boost our body’s vitamin D. It can help keep seasonal depression and improve sleep hygiene because it can fix the body’s circadian rhythm and decreases the health risks associated with fluorescent lighting.
  • Plenty of natural light looks good. You don’t need to bend over backward to over-design or find the prettiest pieces of furniture or decorative elements to make your space look beautiful. Even the simplest of aesthetics can look heavenly with the proper layout and color palette. Simple Scandinavian-style interiors look best with natural light, so you don’t have to hire the most expensive interior design studio to make your space beautiful for your clients and employees.

Find spaces that allow for multiple zones

If your budget allows, look for a space that will enable you to play around with various rooms or zones. Here are some ideas to provide your employees with more rooms other than the typical workstation and pantry:

  • If your team is still doing remote work part-time, choose a workspace that allows for more open and collaborative spaces and fewer conference rooms or meeting areas.
  • Find a rental that will allow your team members to enjoy their personal time throughout the day. Personalized work areas can contribute to worker satisfaction.

2022 is a wonderful time to start all over again, both as individuals and professionals. Don’t let the current situation stop you from improving. Give your business a boost by finding the best office or workspace for you and your team. This way, you can watch your productivity, energy levels, and motivation skyrocket not just for the new year but beyond.

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