Flavored Beer: Do You Wish Your Brew Were a Little Bit Fruity?

Regardless of brand, beer has always been the way it is. But do you wish it were a little bit fruity? People love fruit, so why not add it to their favorite brew? Now, this idea has been entertained by beer drinkers and brewers. If you are going to take a trip down your local grocery stores, you’ll find tropical fruit-flavored beer. Now brewers take different approaches in flavoring their beers. Some would just use fresh fruit, others would use juice, and still others would use puree such as mango puree to flavor their beers.

Advantages of Using Puree to Add Flavor to Your Brew

The popularity of fruit beer encouraged brewers to find the best approach to adding flavor to their brews. Now, there is no hard-and-fast rule; you might think that adding juice is the best way to accomplish what you want. Another brewer might think that fresh fruit is the way to go, but in this article, you will discover the advantages of using puree.

Consistent flavor

If you use fresh fruit, you will face inconsistency in terms of ripeness and sweetness of the fruit. When you go to any fruit market, you can see that fruits come in different ripeness and, of course, sweetness. This is not a good idea when it comes to achieving a consistent flavor in your beer.

You will also face problems with availability and quality. Fresh fruit is not always available, and when it is, you will also deal with the quality of what’s there. On top of that, you will also face challenges in turning the fruit into something you can ferment. You won’t meet these kinds of problems with puree because it is always consistent and readily available.

company eventEasy to use

Since puree comes ready to use, it wins in the area of ease of use. You can store it at room temperature for five months, and eighteen months when refrigerated. To use it, you only need to open the bag and pour its contents into the fermenter. What can be easier than that? Juice tends to be unpopular among brewers who are looking for more intensity in the flavor. This is because juice comes already diluted, and that’s why it can’t deliver the necessary strength in flavor that brewers are looking for.

Competitive price

When it comes to pricing, puree is definitely less expensive than fresh fruit. When you add to that the convenience and how easy it is to use, everything is tipping toward your favor. Although juice is definitely less costly than the two, its lack of intensity makes it not that viable.

If you’re planning to add a fruity flavor to your home brew, try using puree next time around. It has a lot of advantages over fresh fruit and juice. Although huge companies were not originally excited about flavored beer, home brewers started the idea and customers loved it. For this reason, you can find fruit-flavored beer in your nearest grocery store.

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