From the city to the suburbs: how to relocate in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 has affected the way we live our lives. Much of our decisions have changed since March. This includes where we decide to live. Many young professionals live with roommates in high-end areas to be closer to work. However, work dynamics have changed. This means that living and co-working with roommates can be more stressful.

Many have indeed lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Many Americans have moved from coast to coast in hopes that they find a better sense of living. Others have moved back with their parents as they recover from the financial punch that the pandemic has brought them.

Others decide to live on their own and make the big move. As it is hard to find a silver lining in everything that has happened in the past year, moving is a leap of faith. However, moving should not be done in haste but with caution.

Why do people move homes even during COVID-19?

Many city dwellers have left their cramped apartments to go to rural locations. Some think that moving houses during this time is a gamble. However, moving homes seems to have worked for those who now enjoy their new properties. What these people are looking for now is space. This has resulted in higher sales in rural and suburban homes. Now that people work remotely, they want to be able to move freely within their homes.

Through virtual home tours, potential buyers can explore a particular property. It is a great thing that technology now allows for these. This makes the decision-making process a lot easier for the home buyer.

However, these homes are usually sold at a good deal. Thanks to a bigger yet more affordable space, people can now afford to have their whole family in one place. They even have an extra room or two that can serve as a home office. While this seems enticing, moving should be well thought of. It is not for everyone. While purchasing a property is one check off your list, moving is a different story.

Preparing for the move

Moving homes during the pandemic is challenging. It is hard enough to do it without these restrictions. If you must move now, here’s what you can do to make your moving experience a lot easier.

Understand that mobility is limited during the pandemic

Patience comes in handy these days. While people can still buy what they need from certain stores, moving around is still a challenge. This means that moving companies might have certain schedules and stricter standards. Things might not go as planned. Hence, it is great to always have a backup plan if things do not turn out the way you want them to be. Make a calendar for your move to see your progress and understand that things do take time.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions


You must understand your movement before you proceed. Moving is a physically challenging task not just for you but also for the people who will help you move. You can ask your local movers about their health protocols. You might feel uncomfortable with the way certain movers handle their services. This is why you should know how they work before doing the actual task. After all, your safety should always be a priority.

Check out health protocols at your local donation sites

As you make your move, you might want to get rid of some things you own that do not serve you anymore. Ask your local donation sites for tips on how to donate your things properly. Your community will appreciate the help that they will get.

Plan how you will unpack your stuff

Sure, packing is a tedious task. Yet you have your local movers who can help you with that. But what about unpacking? Most of the time, you have to do the unpacking yourself. Your movers can help place bigger furniture for you. But your books, clothes, and everything in between are up to you.

Create a plan on how you will unpack your belongings. Remember that you will need to do disinfect these, too. Make sure to remember where your disinfectants and other cleaning materials are.

Moving is a huge step. Whether one settles to stay in the suburbs or eventually move back to the city, nothing is ever easy. This can be a chance to fulfill a life-long dream or to pursue a career aggressively.

People who abandoned the city life will most likely return to the city once the dust has settled. Yet, some people want to take advantage of the quality of life that rural living offers. Aside from space, they have nature to turn to.

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