How to Get Customers Through the Front Door of Your Business

Opening a business is hard enough — but how do you get customers to walk through the door? Sometimes, people tend to overlook their surroundings so it is important to catch their attention, no matter how overloaded their senses are from the environment. It’s not as impossible as it seems, especially if you employ some of the following techniques.

1. Make it easy for customers to find your business

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this method. Ensure that your shop’s name, telephone number, and address are easy to spot for whatever channel of advertising you’re using. From putting out posters on lamp posts or sandwich boards outside your store, it is worth having some sort of signage to gain attention. If your business is not that visible, you can also provide your customers with a map to make it easier to find you.

2. Make sure your premises are clean and inviting

Customers will be put off if your store is untidy. There’s no need to go overboard on the aesthetics of a business’ interior, but arranging your products neatly and having a functional layout certainly helps. This also includes your storefront that will be seen immediately. Keep it free from clutter, use simple decorations like well-placed plants and outdoor and indoor doormats, and remove any obstructions from their path to your business.

3. Use a catchy slogan or phrase to draw attention

This is especially effective if you’re running a business that doesn’t give customers much time to interact with your website or advertisements. Sometimes, one line can be all it takes for someone to remember and share your slogan or phrase! If you can, come up with a tagline for your brand that you can include on all of your promotional materials.

4. Promote special deals, sales, and products

Getting customers to visit your business requires some sort of incentive. These are the times when it pays to be bold — if you have great products or services, make sure people come in to take advantage of them. You can also promote loyalty programs or other ways to reward your customers for doing business with you.

5. Aim for word-of-mouth advertising

It pays (literally!) to be nice and helpful, especially to regulars who visit your business frequently. Make sure that they leave feeling satisfied or impressed by what you gave them, and always deliver on your promises. This is also where employee training should be used to help them interact with customers better. These customers are the ones who will tell others about their experiences with you, which could potentially bring in more business!

6. Advertise at the right place

a brochure

People are constantly bombarded with advertisements, promotions, and social media messages — so it can be difficult to make sure that your business is heard above the noise! That’s why it’s important to identify where your target market spends most of their time and make sure they see your brand frequently.

7. Control the conversation

What you say is important, but how you say it is even more critical! Make sure that all posters and advertisements are crystal clear and easy to read (that means no tiny fonts!). Have a unique voice and tone that can be identified with your brand.

8. Promote your brand values

In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to establish what makes your business different from the rest! Identify what sets you apart from the competition and make sure that every message is associated with those specific qualities and characteristics. It can be as simple as listing down your company’s mission statement.

9. Put your brand in motion

People are constantly looking for new ways to engage with brands, so why not give them something they can play around with? Whether it’s offering tutorials or through giveaways, you’ll find that your customers will appreciate the effort of putting together branded content for them! This will also be an effective way to tie your brand’s values to the experience.

10. Make connections with relevant brands

To be a true influencer, you have to reach out and connect with those who play similar roles as you do! You can even invite them as your guest or speaker for an upcoming event — this is a wonderful way to collaborate with each other and strengthen your brand’s presence.

To get customers through the door, you have to plan ahead. The layout of your storefront is just as important for attracting them in on a busy street or at an outdoor event. You also need slogans that are catchy and memorable so people can easily share your brand with their friends. Promote special offers, loyalty programs, products they’ve been looking for — anything to give them an incentive to make it inside! Word-of-mouth advertising works too because people tend to trust what others say about us more than we do ourselves. And don’t forget social media! Make sure you’re active on all platforms where your target market hangs out most often and be clear about who you are by establishing a unique voice & tone across all materials.

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