Get Your Piece Of The Pie: Hot Kitchen Renovation Trends In 2021

While the renovation industry hit a slump last year, it is coming back strong in 2021. People are tired of their houses after seeing day-after-day. They want it to look different and fresh, which is an excellent way to signal a fresh start. One of the more prominent rooms that will get refurbishing is the kitchen. If you want to get a piece of the market, here are the items that will be popular among those who want to get a better kitchen.

State-of-the-Art Appliances

Technology is a big game-changer when it comes to the kitchen. Homeowners may still have their old appliances, but they may want to exchange them for something with more features. Smart kitchens are looking to be the wave of the future. While there are some hiccups, integrated technologies are becoming common. In the future, someone who’s thinking of cooking can consult their refrigerator and have a list of potential recipes displayed on a screen or sent to their smartphone. Nowadays, people can be notified if the refrigerator is getting empty.

Additionally, sensors in the faucet can allow people to turn on the tap without even touching it. Don’t look for anything complex to sell. Look for simpler products like coffeemakers and instant pots.

New Countertops

Something is reassuring about countertops with a solid surface. Preparing food on them can be very enjoyable, especially when the material is very good. People are going to want to live a little with their countertop choices. Depending on the homeowner, you need to offer them something that would fit their aesthetic. You should also advise the buyer on what sort of material works well with their setup. For example, granite and some of the tougher stones are best near the stove and sink. This is where things can get dirty, and they are durable enough to stand against them. While it looks good, marble is a bit more fragile; so you should offer it up only for kitchen islands.

Range Hoods That Look Good

Ventilation is important, and most homes have a range hood. This sucks out all the cooking smoke and takes them out of the house. It is mostly functional, but you can suggest to your customer that they want it to be a decorative focal point for their kitchen. Since it occupies a large part of the wall space, it can easily help dominate that part of the kitchen. While the design is the standard, you can suggest natural materials and wood tones make it far more impressive than it is.


More Storage Options

People want to store more things. They likely realized that when they ran out of their favorite supplies in 2020 and couldn’t restock. In response to this, a lot of homeowners are adding more kitchen cabinets and storage options this year. The humble kitchen cabinet is a favorite, and you’ll likely sell several floor cabinets easily since they don’t need much setup. Overhead cabinets will require some carpentry, but they are also very popular. You can also expect some shelving since they are also simple to put up. An interesting product you’ll likely sell is freezers. Long-term food storage at home requires more than a refrigerator if the homeowner is getting serious.

Larger Kitchen Islands

The kitchen is known as the busiest room in the house, and the center of it all is the kitchen island. Homeowners now realize that it is an important hub of activities during a lockdown. While it is mainly for cooking and preparing food, it is also a more comfortable space for home lessons and work. The space should be large enough to accommodate the entire family. If it isn’t, then that is what a lot of homeowners are doing. They want additional kitchen seating and even an expansion of the island.

Replacing The Flooring

Finally, the kitchen floor takes a lot of punishment as people walk over it every day. There are even spills and accidents that need to be handled. The two popular options you should be able to offer are hardwood flooring and ceramic flooring. Hardwood is for traditional homes and usually has a varnish sealant to protect it. Ceramic tile flooring looks a lot more sanitary, and it is much easier to maintain than wood. Both make a kitchen look great.

Renovations make a home feel brand-new. Homeowners will want that feeling after the seemingly never-ending 2020. 2021 is for new beginnings, and supplying them with what renovators need will be a profitable business.

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