Factors to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company

Finding the right moving company to take care of your move will save you time, stress, and energy, the primary reasons why hiring a mover, is a worthy investment. This does not include how reliable long-distance movers will save you from a sore back, sweaty armpits, and plenty of time off to recover from the aftermath.   Since you cannot pick any mover and trust them with your property, here is a guide for you:

The Price

Similar to many other transactions, the price is the maker or breaker of any deal. However, there is no way around moving since you will certainly pay more to a moving company than the cost you could have incurred if you did it all by yourself. The point of comparison here is against one mover to the other and not against your time and energy. Since professional movers do this job every day all year round, they are more efficient, thus saving you money.

Hiring professional movers saves money since you will not need to purchase essentials such as boxes, wrapping materials, and protective covers for special appliances, among others. Moreover, whether or not you move by yourself, you must hire a moving truck. Therefore, the price difference between a mover, hiring a truck, and organizing everything for yourself should be covered by convenience.

The Workforce

To move successfully without the help of a professional mover, you will require a handful of friends and family, preparation and effort, and a lot of luck. While all the people might promise to help you, you might wake up to a rude shock when the day comes, and half the people do not turn up. Sometimes, even when they show up, your selected workforce might not be of much help since they lack the know-how on packing, transport, offloading, and organizing your items. This might lead to damage to sensitive items such as electronics.

On the other hand, dealing with professional movers gives you the luxury of operating with professionals, thus guaranteeing you that your items will get to their destination in good condition. Moreover, you do not have to buy the professional team lunch in an attempt to be thankful for their help.

The Services

Besides transporting your valuables, you will also enjoy extra services from a professional mover company. For instance, they will disassemble and assemble furniture upon arrival, provide full value protection on insurance, and help organize your house by putting the items in their respective rooms. This is especially important if you have expensive things or you are transporting highly fragile goods.

Licensing and Insurance

Never hire a moving company that is not insured or licensed. The reason being, anyone even thieves and conmen can buy or lease a truck and brand themselves professional movers. However, it is only the licensed ones that have a legal requirement to protect your property. If you are moving from one state to another, you will require an inter-state certified mover with a DOT number from the U.S department of transportation.

There is a website through where you can check whether a company is licensed for interstate moves. The requirements for moving trucks differ from one state to another. However, insurance requirements are a standard requirement for all states.

Your Individual Requirements

Are you moving to a condo, a studio apartment, or a four-bedroom mansion? The moving company of your choice should have the capacity and manpower to accommodate your requirements. Write down the items and your individual needs, then ask all the questions to ensure you are on the same page. Here are major points you should get clear answers on.

Check whether the company’s truck size can fit all of your furniture and boxes without straining them physically. Check whether the company you hire will provide extra moving supplies such as bubble wraps, garment boxes, moving blankets, among others.

Confirm that the moving company meets your required timeline and that they can guarantee collection and delivery within timelines that are convenient for you.

The moving industry has significantly high competition, and you are likely to have plenty of options to choose from. Research, read reviews, and do not hesitate to walk away if any company raises any red flags. Go for a company that has a record of reliability, safety, and high-quality services.

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