Home Renovation Guide: Is It Time to Replace Your Pipes?

You know that nothing really lasts forever, and this includes the plumbing system in your home. While regular maintenance and repairs by plumbing professionals in Salt Lake City, Utah will keep your pipes working efficiently for longer, the time will eventually come that they will need replacement.

However, how do you know when it is time to replace your plumbing? Let us take a look at the warning signs.

Your pipes are composed of polybutylene or lead.

Lead could seep into your water supply and cause a host of health issues, putting you and your family at risk. Young children, in particular, are the most vulnerable, even if they are exposed to only low levels of lead. The Department of Housing and Urban Development recommends that you replace your pipes if your water’s lead content exceeds 0.05 ppm or 50 parts per billion.

On the other hand, regardless of how old your home is, have your pipes replaced if they are made from polybutylene. This type of pipe tends to wear away and crack from the inside over time as public water, which naturally contains oxidants and disinfectants, runs through it. This would result in major leaks that could cause severe water damage in your property.

Your plumbing is really, really old. 

Determine what your pipes are composed of because this will significantly impact their durability. Supply pipes are typically made of galvanized steel, copper and brass. Galvanized steel lasts between 80 and 100 years, copper lasts between 70 and 80 years, while brass lasts between 80 and 100 years.

On the other hand, drain pipes or lines used for eliminating waste and water are usually made of PVC, which lasts between 24 and 40 years, and cast iron, which lasts between 80 and 100 years.

Your water is yellowish to brownish. 

This could indicate that the tank of your water heater is rusty or your pipes are already rusty and require replacing. In the event that this happens, make sure that no one in the family drinks the tap water or uses it for cooking.

Your pipes are leaking. 

Majority of your pipes are around the same age, meaning that even if only one malfunctions at the moment, the others will eventually follow suit. The bad news is that they might leak in areas that are not visible, which, in turn, would cause major damage to your home.

Your exposed pipes display symptoms of corrosion.

man fixing pipe

When you see your pipes corrode, it is time for re-piping. Regularly check exposed pipes in your basement, utility room and crawl spaces. If you see some stains, discoloration, pimpling, dimpling and flaking, the best thing to do is to have your pipes checked by a professional plumber and replaced accordingly.

Take note that replacing your pipes could cost a substantial amount of money, so when considering having them replaced, you might want to do it when you are renovating your home. This way, your pipes will already be exposed and easy to access and replace.

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