Homeownership in the New Normal: How Homeowner Habits Changed in the Time of the Pandemic

It’s been months since the Covid-19 crisis started. Many things have changed since then. It drastically affected the way we socialize and run errands. It disrupted many businesses, changed how we work, and caused a shift in our priorities. The pandemic even changed the practices of homeowners and how people are buying properties.

In the past, property buying is as easy as driving to open houses and checking out house and land packages for sale. Now, we do online research, take virtual tours, consider safety and heal measures, and do most transactions online. But some remarkable ways the pandemic influenced our lives is how we tackle homeownership.

Some homeowners had to break bad habits to better protect their family from the virus. Others went on investing in different projects for reasons superior to increase the value of their property. The following shows what changed in the habits of homeowners amidst the pandemic.

Regular Cleaning and Disinfection

Before, some homeowners would only clean the house during their free time or whenever they find the house starting to look and feel cramped, dirty, or unhealthy. Now, with health and safety being everyone’s number one priority, many homeowners make it a point to clean and disinfect the house as often as possible. Some do this daily while others try to do this multiple times each day.

This is especially true to households where some members are working outdoors or those with members more susceptible to catching a severe form of illnesses from Covid-19. Now, a homeowner’s grocery list would often feature alcohol, hand sanitizers, bleach, disinfectants, and other cleaners that promise to kill germs and viruses.

Aside from cleaning the house themselves, some homeowners are also investing in professional home cleaning services. They want the pros to come in at least once a week to ensure the house is cleaned and disinfected in the best way possible.

Home Renovation With a Purpose

With more homeowners spending most of their time indoors, they get to learn about the necessary home repairs and maintenance they need to tackle asap. Many are address home issues in an attempt to maintain if not increase the value of their home. But aside from these, others are renovating with another purpose in mind.

Some homeowners are currently into renovations to transform their home into one that can better accommodate their new lifestyle. Before, one can easily go to the gym to workout, the park to jog, the office to work and other places to enjoy their hobbies. But with the ongoing pandemic, such simple activities can put one’s health at risk.

Now, homeowners are focusing on projects that enable them to live a healthier and happier life at home. They are renovating for health and sanity’s sake. When moving to a bigger house is not an option, what one can do is to renovate instead.

If home services are required, homeowners do their research to check the company’s Covid-19 protocol. They want to lessen their family’s exposure to service providers especially when a member is a senior or already has an underlying medical condition. Most homeowners are into the following renovation projects mid-pandemic.

painting the wall

  • Outdoor Home Improvements

Some are on a mission to build a deck, improve their patio, add an outdoor kitchen, or create more space in their yard to accommodate more outdoor activities. Homeowners want their families to be able to enjoy nature without risking their safety in public places. The only solution they have in mind is to transform their available outdoor living space to get their family to spend more time outdoors.

  • Home Office/Study Area

As businesses close, employees are left with no choice but to work remotely. As for students, they are now out of school and are learning from home. To make sure remote workers and student family members can focus on their job and studies, many homeowners are transforming spare rooms into home offices or study areas.

  • Kitchen Renovations

Some homeowners made it a point to invest in kitchen renovations. They wanted to entice the family into preparing, cooking, and eating healthier meals with the help of a new kitchen layout. With the right kitchen renovation, family members can learn how to cook healthy meals and actually enjoy quality moments during lock down.

  • Health/Fitness Home Improvement

Since physical and emotional health matters now more than ever, homeowners are turning their home into a healthier abode. They are investing in projects that will make the house healthier like adding greens, investing in personal gym equipment, and other healthy home upgrades.

Online Shopping and Transactions

More people are turning to online shopping and are leveraging online transactions such as bill payments, filing of taxes, and appointment scheduling. They try to minimize the time they run errands like grocery shopping. Some are even taking extreme measures to ensure their orders and packages are thoroughly disinfected before bringing them inside the house.

These are some ways homeowners changed during the crisis. They changed the way they clean and maintain the house, renovate, and how they transact with other people. They do this to safeguard their family, protect their sanity, and ensure the comfort of their family members during the crisis.

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