How to Increase Employee Morale and Motivation

When you appreciate your employees’ contributions to the business, it’s essential to express gratitude. Appreciation helps workers know if they are succeeding and boosts engagement. The rewards you give your workers can range from appreciation letters to cash bonuses, and you can express your gratitude as frequently as you want. Here are some brilliant ideas you can use to show your employees you appreciate them.

Gamify Your Office

Each employee can claim a job of their choice and get the points connected with the work upon completion. Your employees can exchange these points through a workplace incentive site for anything, from additional leave credits or a work from home setup to company-paid ongoing training. It’s one thing to thank your workers in whatever manner sounds good to you, but the enrichment tool to be utilized should enable individuals to be acknowledged.

Let Your Team Members Give Each Other Tokens of Appreciation

Perhaps you’ll want to express gratitude and reward workers for their efforts constantly. You can do this by setting aside some opportunities to share accolades during the Friday meetings. The team members can give each other tokens of appreciation, creating an environment of gratitude, respect, and cooperation. It’s a moment to honor coworkers for their achievements and efforts for the week and appreciate them for completing tasks and doing something extraordinary.

Recognition Through Social Media

On your company’s social media networks, you can upload a list of your employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries. Your daily post will contain pictures of employees who are celebrating their birthdays or work anniversaries, their contributions to the company, and an intriguing tidbit about them that others might not be aware of. If you want to take it to the next level, you can take a birthday party boat for hire into consideration and send the best birthday celebrant off a vacation. Celebrate your employees’ birthdays if they don’t object (some might want to keep a low profile on their special day). Moreover, you can treat your employees to dinner or buy a cake so that everyone in the workplace can participate. Allow the celebrants to take a day off anytime they choose in the future. Birthdays are about giving presents; what else will your employees enjoy the most?

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Give Your Employees Prizes and Build Connections

Each department (advertising, service, development, and so on) explains what they have achieved throughout the month, and your company decides which department has had the most significant contribution to your annual objectives. The team that wins will get to select an engagement activity with a local retailer or a contribution to a nonprofit foundation. For example, the first time any team wins, they can go to a local mini-golf facility–which utilizes the booking company–followed by supper at a taco restaurant that also uses the services or products of the company. Other winning teams can request that the company give a present in their honor to any existing food bank, which also utilizes the company’s products to manage its team. It’s a beautiful opportunity to express gratitude to the staff while also connecting with the consumers that the company serves.

Award Teams

The recently established Cash Me at My Best initiative recognizes employees who go above and beyond in the peak season to divert people’s attention from higher-ranking staff members. Employees who are honored get an email explaining why they’ve been acknowledged, as well as a WEC Cash contribution that can be exchanged for a gift certificate at any time throughout the peak period. These are distributed at the company’s weekly employee meetings to publicize the award and maintain a positive team spirit in the peak season.

Provide Health and Wellness Options

Several team members can make significant steps toward a healthier lifestyle if you have an on-site fitness facility. A team member can drop almost 140 pounds in less than a year, enabling him to shop at major department stores for new clothing. Many other team members trying to improve their health and well-being can look up to the good performers for inspiration.

Employees want to believe that their managers view them as human beings with their interests at heart. According to a Globoforce study, 86 percent of workers thought they could trust supervisors who had given them appreciation in the previous month. Because recognition boosts employee morale, you can reduce employee turnover by showing how valuable they are. Your staff will work harder if they believe you care about them. Workers who are acknowledged will get involved in the organization’s future and exert more effort.

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