How to Make Sure Your Profits are Safe in Case of Disasters

No one would ever doubt that 2020 has been a roller-coaster for various businesses relying on the economy of their respective countries. In this country alone, it forced the closure of many establishments and the loss of a lot of jobs. However, the pandemic is the least of your business’ worries.

The havoc it wreaked didn’t include the many damages that a never-before-seen hurricane season and freak wildfires had brought businesses. At least, the pandemic can now be controlled what with various anti-COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out. Wildfires can be prevented to a certain degree, but it’s difficult to sum up whether hurricanes will only bring minimal or extensive damage.

2021 is going to be another year full of surprises, so it’s best to be prepared — here are a few tips to ensure the survival of your business.

Calculate the Costs.

It doesn’t matter where you live when a disaster happens. If you happen to be there, it’s just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s why you should be prepared by understanding the risks and what they might potentially cost your business. You can prepare by trying to search for any disasters your area might be known for. Usually, this is the disaster + the name of your town. Historical figures might help you gauge whether rebuilding is expensive and slow or relatively affordable and fast.

Maintain an Inventory of your Business.

To make a clear-cut idea of how much a renovation after a disaster will cost you, you can create an inventory of your business. This is easy to do if your business is small, but medium enterprises can still do an inventory easily. What you must do is to photograph and catalog sections of your shop as well as the items in it. Don’t forget to check the basement (if any) and the back of your store to properly gauge how much rebuilding after a disaster is going to cost.

Secure Any Objects Outside the Store.

two employees working together

This is applicable if your business is something like a coffee shop or a restaurant. Chances are that there are placements here, like chairs and tables or patio furniture — for instance — that need securing. This is especially crucial if there is a hurricane coming in. If you don’t have business protection or insurance, you should consider this, as it could save you a lot in having to replace any destroyed store assets.

Turn Off All Utilities.

Whether you’re operating a retail store or a cafe, the idea is to make sure all utilities are off when you’re evacuating the store. This is to prevent any untoward damages that could happen. You can designate personnel that will be tasked with shutting off all utilities before all of you leave, or you can do it yourself if the store is small enough and your crew isn’t as sizable as a medium business’ staff.

Be Updated with Your Building insurance.

There’s still a whole world of difference that having updated insurance makes. Talk to your insurance agent about your coverage options. With this knowledge, you know just what damages are covered and how quickly you can bounce back in case of any untoward incidents happening to your store.

Just like with the pandemic happening, you have no idea whether your store will become the victim of a hurricane or be gutted by a wildfire. It does depend on the area as well. The best you can do is to update your insurance coverage, know your options, and always be prepared for any ‘curveball’ that life may throw at you. That’s what makes it easier to get back up after a setback.

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