How To Make Your Company Events More Enjoyable For Millennials

As the millennial generation continues to take over the workforce, companies are adapting to their unique needs and wants. Event features that were fun for the baby boomer and gen X members are probably not as enjoyable for millennials.

This is the main reason trusted corporate event planning companies, especially in Kansas City and other major cities, need to adapt to the preferences of the largest demographic in the workforce today. If you want your company events to be more fun for your younger employees, include these millennial-friendly features in your next event:

1. Provide free Wi-Fi

Millennials grew up with the emergence of modern tech, including Wi-Fi. Needless to say, reliable and fast Wi-Fi access is a must for many millennial employees. If you are a tech company, a strong and reliable wireless internet is expected.

2. Go outside

Ditch the tents and hotel event halls. Bring your employees outside for some sunshine! Your employees probably already spend enough time indoors, so company events in outdoor obstacle courses, picnic areas, and camping grounds can be an exciting twist to your usual company events.

3. Use social media

social media

Almost all millennials are on social media, so using common platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a great way to promote your event both to your employees and to the public. Make sure your publication material is well-designed and worth sharing on social media platforms. Furthermore, come up with a cool hashtag for your event and ask employees to use it when posting status updates, pictures, and videos.

4. Offer a choice

The millennial generation appreciates when companies offer them a chance to voice their opinions. For company events, find out what employees want by providing a virtual suggestion box or holding polls for possible activities.

5. Think about your food

Not everyone can eat the usual chips or cupcakes at corporate events. To cater to all employee needs and preferences, make sure your food selection has different sections for regular, allergy-friendly, religious, and vegan food options. If this is not an option, have all food selections safe for all preferences.

6. Have photo stations

Photo stations or photo booths at corporate events didn’t exist before or are not as trendy. The reason for this is that taking pictures wasn’t as easy for everybody before. But with the wide use of smartphones, your employees can take photos at the event as much as they want. Give them a station where they can take a good picture with the company logo in the background. This will not only instill a sense of pride in them, but it’s also free marketing when they post it on social media.

7. Put more thought in your giveaways

Instead of the usual branded notebooks and pens, why not go for company swag that your employees will enjoy more? Some examples include reusable drinking bottles, portable chargers, flash drives, and wearable accessories.

Company events play a significant role in employees’ morale and satisfaction with the company. That said, if your company is composed primarily of millennials, it’s worth ensuring that your corporate events are in tune with their needs and preferences.

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