How to Make Your Social Media Do Your Marketing for You

Social media: It’s the cornerstone of modern digital marketing. No matter what you’re selling, be it a specific service, such as freelance writing or website design, or a product, from baked cakes to water-resistant sunscreen, you can engage with millions of people online.

Of course, to be truly effective online, your social media posts have to grab the attention of the people who will be viewing them. A single post will go a long way (by which we mean it will trend) if you create a stunning image, an engaging video, or a captivating piece of text that captures the minds of the people you’re trying to reach.

So, how can you capture the interests of others? And how can you make sure they share your posts with their networks? Here are some tips, and by following them, your social media posts will serve as your greatest marketing tool.

#1: Go visual

While an enticing headline can draw people in, be that with a social media ad or a daily post, it has been proven that visual content can do more for your marketing. According to Hubspot, user engagement increases by as much as 53% when including a photo, although you could include an infographic too. Your posts can also incorporate videos, so when you have reeled a potential customer in, you have something else for them to engage with.

But what kind of visual content could you publish? If you’re selling a product, it makes sense to include an image of it, and if you’re providing a service, you could post a picture of yourself at work. Videos can include product tutorials or customers using your service, although you could post something you have found elsewhere online if it makes sense for your business. Instagram is great for visual content, although Facebook and YouTube are obviously useful too, so share on the platforms relevant to your demographic.

#2: Engage with your social media followers

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The best way to keep followers is to engage with them. If you answer their questions or provide interactive social media posts, such as quizzes and surveys, you will do much to retain their presence on your social media pages. You can ask them to share your posts with others too. So if you feel your posts aren’t gaining enough traction, you can ask your followers to share your posts, perhaps with the incentive of a discount on whatever it is you are marketing. By taking such steps, you will retain your current customers and get them to market your business on your behalf.

#3: Enhance the marketing potential of your posts

You will enhance the marketing potential of your posts if you can encourage others to share them. But there is more you can do, such as including call-to-actions on your post to lead back to your website or using hashtags to boost the organic reach of your posts. You will have more success with your posts if you follow such steps, as you will have a better opportunity to market what you’re selling.

For more on social media marketing, check out the other posts on this site, and set yourself up with an Instagram account and other social media pages if you haven’t done so already. You will reach out to the masses with your posts if you do, and by following the suggestions we have given in this post, you will increase your marketing reach.

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