How to Start a Delivery Company

Sta Rting a delivery company or courier service does not require much investment, particularly if you already have a vehicle for the work. The vehicle you need depends on the types of customers you hope to attract and the size and volume of the goods they need to deliver. A cargo van is often more than large enough to handle most assignments. Similarly, your customers and their delivery needs determine the other equipment you need, such as handcarts and dollys, which are available at big box retailers.

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You may need blankets and straps to protect and handle some items.
Branding and gaining legal status is also essential. You need to choose a name not already registered in your state, and it helps to confirm that a URL that works with your branding is also available. Registering the business with the state can provide legal and tax advantages depending on whether you create a sole proprietorship, partnership, or incorporation. Registering also allows you to acquire the appropriate insurance coverage for your vehicle, other assets, and potential liabilities.
You also must market your service and acquire customers. You can publicize your services on social media, attend local business owner meetings, and cold-call or visit potential clients. Your delivery service will only succeed with customers, so acquiring them is critical to your success.

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