Important Business Processes That Can Be Outsourced

Running a business is a daunting task. You have a lot of moving parts that you have to handle well. Missing a step could lead to disastrous results. You may find yourself later on employing the services of estate agents to distribute your assets. So before that happens, you have to fix your organizational capabilities first. It is okay to admit that you may be lacking in some departments, especially if you are a company that is still trying to get its footing. It is completely normal to have key people missing, like a CFO or CTO. Sometimes it is hard to get candidates for those positions due to how high-level they are. But do not worry, you can fill those positions up with the power of outsourcing. Here are some departments in which you can source out the roles of a third party.

IT Help Desk

Every company these days should have a robust IT department. But if you do not have one, it is best for you to outsource it. Having a help desk that will help your employees with their IT concerns. This is an area where much attention is needed, as it can potentially be swamped with various inquiries. Having a few people on board for this department may not move as fast. What you can do is hire a manager-level that is very knowledgeable about technical procedures and build a team around that person.


The CFO or chief financial officer is a role that should have serious qualifications. That is just right because there is a lot of number crunching that goes on with an organization’s financial records. A CFO should be able to make forecasts and adjustments to the spending and saving strategy of the company. This is a role that is not that easy to fill. If you do not have one yet in your organization or if you cannot find someone internally, you can fill that with people from the outside. There are dedicated CFO-level people out there that lend their services and knowledge to other companies by acting more of a consultant to them.

Business Intelligence

colleagues analyzing data

Business intelligence or BI is directly related to finance. This is where data is analyzed, and from there conclusions and actions may be drawn for the organization. As such, a person who is adept at spreadsheets and data manipulation should be at the helm. Much like the CFO, a BI person does not come that often, and not too cheap either. But if you must, you should go and have someone fill that role for your company. It helps greatly in dealing with the science and numbers behind how your organization is performing.

Not every key role in a company can be filled out right away. But the good thing is, there are people and other companies out there that provide the manpower or services to take on the challenges of how you are operating. It can be quite difficult to find talent at a high level internally, but the good thing is you can source that from the outside without many worries. If you have doubts about this, just remember that there are laws in place that will prevent you from being taken advantage of.

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