Is It Over? How to Tell If Your Marriage Is Beyond Saving

Ending a relationship with someone you promised to love and take care of for the rest of your life is never going to be easy. Apparently, a vow doesn’t guarantee a happy ending, and many learned it the hard way. But how do you know if your marriage is really over? How do you tell a relationship hiccup apart from a major deal-breaker? The following signs should give you an idea.

Sign 1: You Can’t be Bothered Anymore

Fights don’t necessarily make for a happy relationship, but not having arguments at all isn’t healthy either. Complete detachment is a telltale sign that you no longer care for each other. While no one loves blurting out and hearing hurtful words from their other half, productive arguments strengthen relationships by increasing trust and improving a person’s character. In fact, being able to fully express yourself, your thoughts, and your opinions shows how secure you feel in the relationship.

You see, happy couples fight together and for each other. They bravely weather the storm, knowing that they can survive through it and marvel at the clear blue skies the next day. Cold couples, on the other hand, are simply emotionally disengaged as they no longer see the point of fighting for the relationship.

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Sign 2: Irreconcilable Issues and Red Flags

Every person has a breaking point. Sometimes, no matter how hard one spouse tries to save the marriage, the other won’t cave in because of issues that are impossible to resolve. These deal-breakers often include infidelity, addiction, domestic violence, and emotional abuse. If forgiveness doesn’t seem an option, maybe it’s indeed time to move on.

Marriage has little chance of surviving when the two of you can’t fully forgive. When you find yourself in this situation, seeking the counsel of a family law attorney is a good idea as they can give you professional, and sometimes even personal, advice on how to handle the divorce process.

Sign 3: When the Kids Serve as the Glue of the Relationship

Staying together for the children is not always a good idea. You might think that you’re doing your kids a favor by staying married for their sake, but it does more harm than good. Children imitate the relationship they witness at a young age. Choosing to stay, despite the frequent conflict and apparent animosity, might make them think that suffering through an unhappy marriage is normal. Would you like to set a bad example?

Sign 4: When You’re No Longer a Team

A fulfilling marriage is built on trust and teamwork. Look back on the days you decided to have a family of your own. You both set the milestones, from getting married to owning a home. Little by little, you worked on every goal.

Think of how you decide on family and personal matters now. When you find yourself planning a future without the two of you in the picture, that’s how you know the teamwork is gone.

What’s mentioned above are just some of the reasons many couples call it quits. When you’re feeling constant unhappiness and resentment towards your partner, keep your eyes on the red flags as well as your emotions. Sometimes, we already know the answer but are unwilling or afraid to take action.

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