Keeping Business Perimeter Accident-Free Despite Ice and Snow

The recent polar Vortex and cold snaps have made many parts of the country unsafe for residents and motorists. There are massive coatings of snow and icy roads everywhere. While residents are charged with snow and ice removal in their residences, business owners have so much more to consider when it comes to cleaning and clearing pathways and carparks in business premises. Most have called for assistance, and in St. Charles, they hired companies offering commercial landscaping services. Professionals will ensure the workplace is safe for workers and clients and that no accidents will happen because of icy, slippery and snowy pathways.

How Pathways and Car Parks are Gritted and Cleared

To avoid accidents and risks, the business perimeter should be cleared and gritted off snow before it accumulates. At any time of the day, workers, visitors, customers and clients may arrive, and they can be inconvenienced by snow in the driveway or parking area. One of the first places to check and to clear from snow is the open parking space. It can be hazardous with slippery conditions and obscured markings. Parking will be difficult, and there is also the possibility of blocking another vehicle. Snow also piles up quickly in open areas like this.

Landscaping services offering snow and ice management have ice melting equipment which quickly melts snow and ice. This is usually done using rock salt which helps melt snow and ice at low temperatures. For below freezing temperatures, other solutions can be used. These are calcium chloride and magnesium chloride which are preferred by others over salt because the latter can cause vehicles to rust.

Pathways are similarly hazardous areas during ice and snow season. Employers and business owners can be sued and held liable for accidents or falls in the property. Shoveling and breaking ice sheets should be done to clear pathways. Professional crew also use de-icing materials to keep pathways from freezing over. Smooth and slippery ice are accidents waiting to happen. Best to have all entrances and exits to your building or establishment clear of ice.

Clear and Keep Entryways Safe and Dry

Corridor office building

Employers and business owners also need to look into the safety of entrance ways, floors and stairs in the workplace. People walking from outside may drag in ice and snow. This will eventually melt and form puddles of water inside the building. Some offices have wooden and tiled floors where water can build up causing accidents and slipping if left unattended.

It is best to direct utility personnel to regularly mop the floors and stairs before anyone slips and get hurt. Rugs and non-slip mats can also be added as an extra level of protection. Put up signs where the floors may be wet and slippery so people can avoid them. These are the things you can handle internally. On the other hand, clearing the outside of snow and ice is best left to professional teams. It is still a good idea to put up safety signs in visible areas to caution visitors, employees, and customers about ice and snow as they approach your establishment or business.

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