Lawyers You Should Have on Speed-Dial

Many people hire a lawyer only in the face of a pressing issue or legal matter. But, having a lawyer or two at the ready, pressing matters aside, is a wise move. It gives you a safety net for future circumstances that you may find yourself in.

Getting a lawyers’ professional opinion can reduce your own doubts and streamline any processes that you or your loved one may require. If you’re need a lawyer to help you with your affairs, or are simply doing you research so you know who to run to if and when the time comes, here are some legal specialties that you should look into.

Estate Planning Lawyer

From Denver to New York, enlisting the services of an estate planning lawyer is becoming an increasingly popular safeguard.

The biggest responsibility of an estate planning lawyer is to fix the holding and affairs of the client, including drawing up wills and trusts. This way, the assets and properties of their clients are in order, protected from creditors, and easily distributed to heirs upon the client’s demise.

And, in the event that the client may fall mentally incapable of making or handling their own decisions, an estate planning lawyer’s services also prove invaluable.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

You might have a fantastic idea. But, unfortunately, if somebody beats you to the punch and publicizes or patents a similar idea, then you may have just lost your claim.

This is where an intellectual property lawyer comes in handy. Sometimes called an IP lawyer, these specialists are who you can turn to help protect your intellectual property. These can relate to everything that you create, whether concrete or abstract.

An intellectual property lawyer can help you with the necessary paperwork and legalities for you to draft and file for copyright for your ideas. This type of lawyer can also help you with trademarks, patents, and designs.

Even if it seems like your idea is not necessarily a revolutionary one, it’s always better to err on the side of safety. Better to go that route with an IP lawyer than to watch somebody else making a profit off of a similar idea.

General Practice Lawyer

As the name states, this kind of lawyer is more like a “Jack of all trades” in the legal field. Similar to a general physician, a GP Lawyer is one who has studied a wide range of fields, without necessarily being tied to one specialty.

Nevertheless, many general practice lawyers still have specific areas that they are more adept at. If you’re looking to speak to a general practice lawyer, make sure to ask them about their own experience and how they can help you, specifically.

Having a general practice lawyer is especially useful when you know that you may need legal advice but aren’t exactly sure what issue you may have.

Remember, before choosing a lawyer, consult with more than one law office. This way you can find the specialist who is the best fit for you and your needs.

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