Living Big In Small Spaces: Tips on Making Condos Appear Bigger

The city is full of opportunities. This truth hasn’t changed to this day, which explains the massive influx of people moving to Manila, or somewhere close by, in search of work and a better way of life. The increased demand for accommodation and limited space available for housing in the Philippines metropolis has resulted in the rise in popularity of condominiums.

Accommodation near business districts, such as condos in the Ortigas Center, is being built to meet the spiralling demand. Just like houses, condos cost varies greatly depending on location, security, amenities and size.

Condos can’t be expanded when bought, so settling for a smaller space in exchange for affordability and location means adapting and adjusting. Fortunately, there are ways to make condos feel bigger than they actually are.

Go Smaller In Scale

Condo living often means you’ll have less space compared to a house. A popular layout to counter the reduced space is achieved through merging the living room with the kitchen and dining room. Having one larger room that has three functions is a practical solution, so establish an interior design so that the three functions complement each other and utilise the space effectively.

For example, use smaller furniture pieces. The bigger overstuffed armchairs take up more room; instead of a giant L-shaped sofa, go for something less bulky but comfortable, like a loveseat. You can partner it with an ottoman that provides extra storage space.

Aside from going small, buy furniture pieces that have multiple functions. In the bedroom, invest in a bed with storage space underneath, drawers that pull up to act as more counter space, or bunk beds with a study area underneath. With a little research, innovative options are available to suit most tastes and styles.

Play With Light

a bright apartment

The color motif that you choose for your condo can make all the difference in terms of appearance. The color of your walls can make a room appear smaller or bigger than it actually is.

For your condo, consider lighter shades to make any space look brighter and airier. This is because lighter paint reflects natural light, whereas darker shades absorb it — making the room appear boxed in.

As well as light colors, mirrors help the room’s appearance, too. A large mirror gives the appearance of more space, adding the illusion of depth. The reflection cuts down on the claustrophobic feeling. When installing mirrors, place them strategically; using too many or positioning them so they reflect each other can add to the clutter.

Keep Things Clutter-Free

Our use of decorative items stems from the desire to make spaces more personal and homey. There’s nothing wrong with placing a couple of tsotchkes around your condo, but too many of these items take up shelf space and lead to clutter.

In a tiny home, less is often more. Take stock of your current decor, and try to choose which pieces mean the most to you. Freed up space will look more attractive than too many design pieces vying for your attention.

Condo living means constantly editing your decor, furniture and equipment to make the most of the space you have. At the end of the day, keep things simple — your space can still feel personal and homey with less decorative items around.

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