Machine Failure: Why You Should Prepare and Prevent It

Constructing a building is no easy task. However, if done correctly, you will end up with a property that will not only bring you profit but also be easy to maintain. Constant supervision is essential in making sure that each step of the building process is going according to plan.

Problems are bound to come up during construction. If a construction worker is assigned to a machine they have no experience using, they may mishandle the tool and cause damage to the equipment. In the worst cases, the equipment will break down.

When that happens to your project, it is essential to call for hydraulic machinery repair in Utah immediately. Machine breakdown can cause many detrimental effects in construction, which we’ll explore below.

Project Delay

According to studies, equipment breakdown is one of the biggest factors in project delay. The increased machine downtime will also affect consequent processes. Rescheduling will need to be done for future activities, and the personnel involved will need to have revised contracts.

Besides reducing productivity, project delays can also affect the current company connections negatively. Clients, contractors, and company partners will perceive the company as unreliable and inefficient and may choose not to work with them in the future.

The delay in the project will also inconvenience residents around the site. The constant racket will test the limits of their patience. As they become increasingly bothered by the noise of construction, they might end up filing a complaint.

Increased Costs

Machine breakdown not only increases the time spent on the project but also incurs additional costs for the company. As contracts are revised and extended, additional payment is needed for the contractor and workers to work beyond the agreed-upon period.

Also, more machines and equipment will need to be rented to speed up the project and try to complete it on time. The increased number of equipment will also need more workers to manage it, which means more labor costs are required.

There is also the cost of removing the machine that has broken down. However, replacing it is not always the answer. Sometimes, repairing the equipment is the better alternative, as it might be cheaper compared to buying or renting a new machine entirely.

Worker Accidents

worker lying on the floor

Mechanical failure also carries the risk of workplace accidents. The worker who was handling the machine that breaks down is in the most danger, with the people nearby being the next at risk. Heavy hydraulic equipment, such as bulldozers, will end up crashing and cause parts to fly

Various injuries can happen due to machine breakdowns, such as burns, broken bones, or even loss of body parts. This will also become a traumatic event for those involved and damage their mental health. In the worst cases, severe injuries will end up disabling a person permanently.

Proper personnel management is important in avoiding machine breakdown. In addition, make sure to do periodic maintenance to your equipment to make sure that there are no issues and to catch any problems before they end up becoming major inconveniences.

Ensuring that the equipment you use for your construction project is properly working will reduce the completion time as well as prevent accidents from happening.

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