Missed Spaces: Why Businesses Should Give Parking Lots More Importance

The world was shocked and devastated by the sudden outbreak of a global pandemic. The spread of COVID-19 affected a lot of the day-to-day operations. Schools, offices, and countless establishments closed down. Everyone was forced to stay-at-home and did their daily movements from home.

Fortunately, the development and distribution of a vaccine have turned things around. As the world slowly recovers from the previous year, a certain shift is expected to adapt to the new normal post-pandemic. Particularly for businesses, changes in office designs and layouts are surely on their way.

Although work-from-home setups are being widely considered, companies will still be coming back to their physical places of business. Many innovations are being developed to be practical yet aesthetically pleasing for the professional work environment. One specific aspect that’s often overlooked, however, is the parking lots.

Not Just For Cars

Parking lots should be given just as much attention as any part of the office space. These spaces are still largely connected to establishments that employees work for and customers visit. More than just a place to park cars, improving the parking space can prove beneficial to many businesses.

Approximately 130 million American professionals use cars as their primary means of transportation. Match this to the number of customers that a business can receive daily, and it essentially equates to a lot of cars. Giving all these people an appropriate space to leave their cars can be a daunting task.

Regular Upkeeping

Parking lots experience much wear and tear from the large volumes of people constantly coming and going. It’s important to keep tend to these spaces regularly. Doing so will improve it visually and contribute to the road safety of employees and customers.

When cracks, potholes, and other hazards start to appear, a new coat of asphalt paving should be in order. These seemingly small damages can prove to be dangerous if left unattended. Simply touching up the paint lines when they’re beginning to fade can go a long way.

This is also the area where many people choose to litter. Set up multiple trash bins that are easily accessible to keep the space clean. The cleanliness and quality of a parking lot can have a significant impact on a business’s image.

an empty parking lot

Guarantee Security

Parking lots are also one of the most common locations for accidents and even violent crimes to occur. To avoid these from happening, installing security cameras in the area is a must. Do not leave any blind spots to maximize safety.

Having footage of certain events can prove vital to the people who might experience them and the responding authorities. Improving the lighting of these spaces can also help to keep people safe. Aside from increasing visibility at night, bright lights will also deter criminals from doing any action.

Establishing dedicated waiting areas for people can be another viable option. A safe space is essential whether a person is just waiting to be picked up or accidentally locked themselves out of their car. Preferably, a waiting area should be indoors, complete with security cameras and proper lighting as well.

Arrange Parking Spots

One of the most obvious problems to address in parking lots is designating parking spaces. This is often the most common cause for disputes between employees or even customers. Investing in parking management software will definitely help to manage and mitigate this issue.

Usually, employees fight over parking spots because of various reasons. This can easily be prevented by assigning everyone specific spaces according to their capabilities or performance. For instance, give the older employees spots nearer to the door while top-performing employees can get the desirable spots.

Parking spots for customers and visitors should be readily distinguishable. Allowing clients to park nearer to the entrance can help to draw them into a particular establishment. Simply providing angled parking spaces over parallel ones also makes it easier for them to get in and out of the parking lot.

Putting Businesses On Display

Parking lots are essentially reflections of businesses. These spaces can greatly influence a client’s first impression and the morale of employees. Companies that overlook this area of their own establishments fail to see how detrimental it can be.

Parking lots serve a lot more purposes than simply being a place to park. If a parking lot is poorly designed and managed, it will turn businesses undesirable for anybody. Being able to provide improved mobility, convenience, and security will definitely leave everyone impressed.

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