Err on the Side of Safety: Moving Your Office Right during the Pandemic

Offices used to denote grandeur. For one, the higher an office is located in a building, the better the view becomes, and the higher esteem the office gets. It didn’t take long for big businesses to seek skyscrapers. It’s a small wonder why some of the biggest names in business are headquartered at the largest office buildings in the world. But things have changed since COVID-19 spread worldwide. When meeting a stranger in the elevator could put you in harm’s way, many businesses these days are looking for better addresses to hold office, keeping in mind safer places away from the crowds.

Then, there’s the case for downsized offices. Thanks to the ongoing trend to work from home (WFH), many offices find themselves being run by a skeletal force. Large social media companies, for one, are allowing their employees to work remotely even after the pandemic.

Indeed, there could be many reasons for you to change your office address. On one end, you may just feel like a change of scenery is best after a long bout with the pandemic. What’s important, however, is that you do things right. Even with a handful of vaccines out, the risk of being infected is still high. This is especially true now that various variants are popping here and there.

Luckily, observing key essentials should bid you well in this regard.

Get a Trusted Mover

Everything that we do now must conform to CDC guidelines. Of course,  you don’t want to catch the virus. A good way to ensure that things go as seamlessly as possible when you move your office is to hire a tried-and-tested moving company. These experts should know firsthand what protocols to take to ensure the move is done safely and virus-free.

Thus, you will have to do your due diligence. Know ahead of time what safety protocols are in place to ensure COVID-19  safety. Are the movers mandated to wear masks? How about handling your furniture and other key office equipment? Will they wear gloves?

In addition, you’ll have to check if the moving company has an adequate truck to fit all your moving needs. If you’re looking at a big cargo, such as dozens of office tables, it would be best to hire flatbed trucking services. Equipped with no sides or roofs, flatbed trucks offer wider space and greater ease in loading, giving you better options in the process.

The fewer people you need to manage the transport, the better. Crowds are a breeding ground for the virus to proliferate, so you need to minimize the number of people involved in the moving process.

Deep Clean Is a Must

Your next concern should be your new office. Before everyone starts reporting there, make sure you request deep cleaning from the letting company. Often, it’s best you ask about this before you agree to rent the space. If worse comes to worst and the letting company won’t take responsibility for the deep clean, then ensure you make it happen. This is assuming you really want to hold office in that property.

Take note that the virus can linger and be active for several days on a surface. So you should ensure you’re using the best disinfectants to get things in order. For best results, let disinfectants dry on a surface three to five minutes after you put them.

vacuum cleaner

Additionally, you should disinfect high-touch surfaces. We’re talking about doorknobs, remote controls, computer mice, and keyboards for starters.

There are also places in the office that you need to give more attention than most. For one, you have the bathroom. As every employee uses this facility, it can be host different types of germs and viruses. Making sure you have people disinfect the restrooms and provide ways to maintain cleanliness before you officially transfer is highly beneficial.

Bear in mind there’s a huge chasm of difference between cleaning and disinfecting. When you clean, you remove dirt and possibly germs and other pathogens. But cleaning alone won’t kill the virus. Your goal is to eliminate the virus so it can’t bring harm. That’s why disinfecting is the way to go.

If you run out of disinfectants, know that a bar of soap is a good alternative. Experts claim that soap is even better at disintegrating the virus.

Take Care of Your Team

Moreover, you should look after the welfare of your team. So, involve as few members of your team as possible when the actual move happens. Like the movers, the fewer people in your team, the lower the risk.

Of course, you need your own people to look after your things to facilitate the transfer and direct the movers. Part of this is the IT experts who will install the needed infrastructure for your office to function. It’s paramount that each member of your team follows safety protocols when doing the transfer.

Make the Right Preparations

The biggest danger you face is for the transfer to introduce the virus to your workforce. Therefore, it important that you pack in advance days before the transfer so any pathogen left on the boxes will have little chance of surviving. This should be paired with the other preparations that you make before deciding to move to a new office. Indeed, it’s always best to err on the side of safety.

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