Now’s Not The Time To Be A Couch Potato

The past year and a half have been very eventful, to say the least. Still, as far as movement goes, the majority of us have been stuck at home doing nothing but following the same cycle of waking up, getting some food in our body, doing work, and repeating the same thing the next day. Of course, all the blame goes to the fact that the Covid-19 global pandemic abruptly messed up the entire world’s plans, plunging us all into a downward spiral that we’ve yet to fully recover from even today.

However, the sheer impact and scope of which problems are being felt now had gone down significantly compared to when everything started, meaning that you can go out again and do a lot more stuff than most people realize. And so, while we strongly support and advocate for the responsibility many people have assumed by staying at home and keeping themselves safe, now’s not the time to be a couch potato because you should be getting out there and reclaiming all the time lost to the global pandemic.

We’re All For Safety, But Staying Inside Isn’t As Great As You Think.

For starters, we want to debunk the idea that staying inside is the all-in-one safety measure everyone should assume. Sure, we can’t deny that it limits your exposure to different people, allows you to follow social distancing guidelines, and lets you properly monitor the way you’re feeling more accurately. Still, it comes at the cost of trading physical health for putting everything else at risk.

  • There’s Only So Much You Can Do At Home: Firstly, while we applaud the efforts of many to be very productive with their time at home through startup opportunities, engaging with their DIY side, and still finding time to exercise, beyond all that positive mantra, it’s a given fact that only so much can be done at home. And once you’ve gone past that point, everything just feels a lot duller, and you’ll find yourself more irritable and lethargic than usual.
  • Compromises Your Mental Health & Well-Being: Secondly, unlike pre-pandemic times when you could go out partying in the middle of the night and clubbing from one bar to the next to help balance your work life, none of that’s possible when you stay inside. And because you’re spending all your precious time cooped up indoors with no outlet for entertainment and recreation, the lack of balance and harmony in this lifestyle compromises your mental health and well-being in the long run.
  • Going Outside Is A Natural Stress-Reliever: Last but not least, going outside is just a natural stress-reliever by itself, and while breathing in the fresh air and watching the sunset all sound like cheesy lines in 90s films, these quotes still hold some truth to them because it seems we’ve vastly underappreciated the opportunity to do so today. As a result, with everyone just scrolling away at their phones and foaming at the mouth because their favorite celebrities are still living the best life, stress from work and circumstance accumulates.

person siting on a couch, watching tv

But, Where Exactly Can You Start Having Fun Again?

Okay, now that we’ve convinced you that going outside isn’t as bad as the media would like to portray, it’s time we get to the fun part and discover what our options are for having fun again outside. Luckily enough, if you maintain a good six feet distance away from people, you can virtually do anything, and the possibilities go up by twofold if you’re already fully vaccinated and got your second shot.

  • Ring Up Your Friends And Plan Your Overdue Getaway: We all miss our friends, and the pandemic canceled many of the plans we had for both 2020 and 2021, but now that going outside is an option again, we strongly recommend giving them a call and re-issuing that overdue getaway. Whether it’s a bachelorette party cruise for one of your girls or a road trip across the country, going outside is best experienced with friends and reconnecting with them.
  • Plan A Solo Itinerary For International Travel: For those wanting to go on a wildcard and are already fully vaccinated, planning a solo itinerary for international travel destinations is an excellent way to go back outside with a blast. Just remember to stick with countries that are low risk, and all you’ll need after that is just a budget to go with any of the activities you want to experience.

The Second Half Of Your 2021 Shouldn’t Be Spent Inside.

Overall, we firmly believe that everyone should be spending the second half of their 2021 having fun and making memories instead of voluntarily chaining themselves to their homes. So, take note of everything mentioned above and feel free to try other outdoor hobbies you’ve been itching to explore.

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