Most Profitable Raw Materials in Manufacturing

Anyone in the supply chain industry will hardly run out of business if they know what niches to choose. Any aspiring entrepreneur can create a profitable business by getting into raw materials supply. Those involved in raw materials supply businesses engage in the movement of raw materials and unfinished goods—all of which could include lumber, coal, steel, and water.

Launching a raw material supply business can be capital intensive. That’s because you’ll need money to buy delivery and supply trucks and make down payments for the raw materials. However, with the right marketing strategies, continuous operations, and negotiations—anyone can start a raw material supply business and ensure success.

Here are the most profitable raw materials you should consider selling.

Steel and Aluminum

If you can produce raw steel in industrial quantities, there’s no better and more profitable business for you than supplying raw steel. Steel is often used in producing vehicles, cutleries, and numerous steel-based products, making the demand for them ever-increasing. You can add more to your raw steel material supply business by offering supplies of raw aluminum. Whether it’s pure 4x4x10 aluminum posts or products that contain bits of aluminum like windows, pans, roofs, and doors, these spell big profits for your business.

Combining raw aluminum and general steel guarantees you’ll end up with a highly thriving and lucrative business. Just make sure you can produce raw steel in commercial quantities and have access to aluminum ore.

Used Plastic Bottles

An environmentally-friendly and profitable raw material that you can sell is used plastic bottles. These items are often recycled and reused in different industries, with the food and drinks and chemical sectors as the primary customers. That’s because they often require plastic bottles to package their products. If there is a food and drink-processing company or chemical manufacturing factory nearby, you have a chance to earn big.

That’s because these indicate that there’s a market for used plastic bottles, so take advantage of the moment and establish this raw material supply business. Just make sure you have the capability of providing clients with large quantities of plastic bottles, enough to supply small factories.

used and crumpled plastic bottle

Used Tires

Used tires are more valuable than one would think and are considered a raw material. They’re recycled and rethreaded to make them usable again. Tires are used by several machinery and vehicles, making it a large market that will always be in-demand. There’s hardly any city across the world where you won’t find any cars, which is why tire sales are highly thriving. If you have access to worn-out tires, consider starting a used tire supply business.


Iron is the prime material that has advanced with the industrial age. Anyone can get iron from iron ore, and there’s hardly any metallic product that doesn’t have iron, making this one of the most profitable niches in the market. If you have access to iron ore, this is one of the best raw material supply businesses you can establish. The best part is, there’s always a great demand for raw iron in the market.


A good and profitable raw material you can begin selling during your early ventures is fleece supplies. Although you have the freedom to choose what type of fleece you’re planning on selling, one of the most lucrative choices is Alpaca fleece. That’s because Alpaca fleece is one of the finest fibers available, and it’s always in high demand, especially in the fashion industry. It’s lightweight, durable, warm, soft, and comfortable.

Hand spinners appreciate their quality and find it easy to use, with its natural hues being highly desirable as they’re made to accept dye easily.

Latex (Rubber)

Latex is a raw material used in producing rubber goods, whether it’s plastic or electronic components. Virtually latex is used on products containing rubber, making it a diverse market. Because of its volatility, those in the raw latex or rubber supply business will never run out of business. It’s a great niche to begin on, especially if you have a rubber plantation or have access to one.


Not many people know that many manufacturing industries consider water as a raw material as it’s commonly used in construction, baking, and carbonated drinks production sectors, where they use it to create their products. If you’re interested in launching a raw material supply business with minimal costs, supplying water is the best choice.

There are numerous manufacturing business ideas that you can dive into, especially in the raw material niche, allowing you to establish a profitable business from the get-go. Any of the ideas mentioned promise significant returns—and long-term success.

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