Protect Your Property from Mother Nature’s Destructive Powers

Mother Nature has a big bone to pick with the built environment, and she’s continually making moves. Cladding your building with rain screen ensure that you never lose this battle that could severely damage your building.

It might not seem so obvious, but Mother Nature isn’t too fond of the built environment. She’s always sending her minions — water, wind, and snow- to pound on buildings if she has a bone to pick with the owners. If you don’t realize that there’s a systematic offensive strike on your property, you’re in for an expensive lesson.

Luckily pushing back against this force of nature isn’t rocket science as you can do a swell job with rain screens made of metal honeycomb panels. The cladding comes on the exterior walls of the building and does more than keeping mother nature in check.

A new lease of life

The façade of a building takes the brunt of the elements daily and that the effects of this battle begin to show as time passes. Moisture is the main culprit behind damage to the exterior of a building. Water seeps in through holes, cracks, capillary action — you name it.

In old buildings, many of the cladding materials are well past their expiration dates, giving them a shabby façade that is rapidly falling apart. If the rest of the building is structurally sound, rain screens offer an excellent repair and replacement solution. Most of these modern cladding solutions have an exceptionally long lifespan.

Since rain screens come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, design, and colors, they will radically transform the appearance of any building. In addition to keeping mother nature in check, you also give the building a new lease of life. Rain screens give you a unique opportunity to get creative and brand your old building and have it stand out.

Lower maintenance costs


You’re going to incur quite a hefty repair and maintenance tab if you’re continually battling rot and mold on your walls, especially if you live in a region with heavy rains and snowfall. Rain screen cladding keeps you from bleeding money at every turn.

Depending on your choice of cladding, you can kill two birds with one stone — increase the aesthetic appeal while keeping your wall bone dry. Cladding is fixed on the outer walls, leaving a small space between them to allow for air circulation. They keep out most of the moisture from wind-driven rain while giving the walls some breathing space.

The cladding ensures that your walls never get to soak in water even in the worst of rainstorms. The spaces between the screen and the wall protect against moisture build-up. As an added benefit, rain screens protect your building from fire while ensuring that you conform to all the building codes in your region.

Every day there’s a raging battle happening on façade of your building pitting your walls against the relenting forces of mother nature. Losing the fight can have a catastrophic effect on your property as it would lead you to incur hefty repair costs. Instead of standing on the sidelines, you can weatherproof your property and ensure that it stands tall and proud against inclement weather all year round. Rain screen claddings not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your property but also increase its lifespan while lowering your maintenance costs.

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