Random Things to Do on a Slow Sunday

Sundays are meant to be slow. If you spend your weekdays working at a high-stress office environment, you deserve to relax and refresh on your off-days. You can catch up on your sleep, hang out with your friends or loved ones, or spend your day doing things you love alone.

But there are times when time seems to pass by too slow, and you become bored out of your skull at home. According to some experts, getting too much rest isn’t exactly the best way to spend our weekends. This can harm our psychological state. Instead of feeling refreshed, too much rest can add to our stress.

So the next time you find yourself having too much leisure time at your disposal, the best thing to do is do an activity. That activity does not have to be important—you have to keep yourself busy. Here are some very random things you can do during your weekends:

Change Your Wallpaper

Changing your wallpaper should not feel like a tiresome household chore. Make it a fun project by buying artsy wallpapers from your favorite wallpaper retailer and then focusing on one area of your home only. This will help you feel productive and give your space a new vibe.

Call Someone from Your Grade School

Remember the girl who helped you when you struggled to solve the math problem at school? Or that boy with whom you shared a tent during summer camp? Find them on social media or bring out your yearbook to check if they still have the same telephone number. Hit them up and reminisce about the good old times, and then ask them out to hang out sometime.

Go on a Road Trip without an Itinerary

The best memories are unplanned. Going on a spontaneous road trip spells fun, especially if you bring someone with you. Don’t plan where you’re heading—follow where the road takes you and amp up your speakers as you listen to your jam on the road.

Watch a Random Movie

watching a movie

Ask your friend for a movie recommendation, something you’ll find on your streaming service, and then watch it at home. Alternatively, you can go straight to the cinemas and watch the first movie you see on the Now Showing list.

Sign up for an Art Class

Whether you want to learn painting or invest your time in crafts, Sundays are the best days to pursue another hobby or passion. Search for art classes online and then sign yourself up for classes that spark your interest.

Sort Your Stuff and Find Things to Donate

Donating is a major mood-booster. While it’s a well-known fact that doing something good can make anyone feel empowering and fulfilling, recent studies have shown that donating also has health benefits for the giver. If you want to spend your Sundays productively—and feel good in the process—rummage through your old and unused stuff in the basement or attic and then sort out what you want to give to charity.

Sundays will never be boring again. Whenever you have plenty of spare time at your disposal, make sure to do any of these random things to feel productive and happier.

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