Road Trip Adventures to Take When Visiting Singapore

There are many fantastic ways to discover Singapore. You can go on a food trip to enjoy the different cuisines there or visit the various tourist spots that make up the country’s culture. Hopping on a private hire car rental can help you do so. Taking on a road trip adventure will make you discover a handful of fantastic spots that surely make the journey worthwhile. Here are five examples you can check:

1. Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe

A few blocks from the Seletar Airport in North-East Singapore is this chic vintage café that offers a wide range of delicious dishes from beef kebab to biryani rice to rainbow cake and beyond. The flavours are addictive as much as the place itself, with scenic views of planes taking off in front of you and some vintage cars parked right at the café entrance. You sure would not mind that it is about 20 kilometres from the city centre.

2. Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

Located in Lor Tawas, it is a place where you can find the oldest and currently the only dragon kiln in Singapore. Dragon kiln is a traditional Chinese kiln that lends ceramics their unique texture and colour. While here, you may enlist in a pottery class that will walk you through the process of authentic pottery art. You may also take home a vase or two, probably more if you are into these décor items, from this trip that will keep you about 20 minutes on the road from the city centre.

3. Hay Dairies

Another unique destination you can get to while on a road trip is this goat farm in lone operation since the 1980s. The Hay Dairies can be found on the outskirts, particularly at the Lim Chu Kang Lane 4. It’s far from the city, but it is worth the ride. It is because this is where you will see the 800 goats that provide much of Singapore’s demand for goat’s milk. By visiting, you can watch the goats up close and, if you are adventurous enough, you may also milk one for your own bottle. How exciting is that?

Singapore view4. The Animal Farm

Most road trips are indeed likely to take you to Singapore’s hidden farm treasures. That’s because these farms are mostly located far away from the cityscape. Why they are trips worth taking is apparent: they will give you an entirely different impression of the city state, making you discover the cool countryside that’s not too often explored. The Animal Resort located at the Seletar West Farmway is another gem worth looking into. It’s a place where you can enjoy petting animals in a more laidback setting.

5. Little Island Brewing Co.

Another one for the road is this brewery and grill bar located at the edges of Changi Village. It is one of the island’s few microbreweries where you can hang out amid fairy lights and wondrous seaside sights, right off at sunset. It promotes a self-serve system where you get to choose any of their homebrewed craft beers on offer with a simple tap of your topped up card. Isn’t that exciting?

Singapore plays host to a handful of amazing sights from the city centre and beyond. If you want to get a real good look at the city state’s “other gems” besides the simple cityscape, you better get ready with an efficient ride. Taking on a road trip is better with one if your destination is the outskirts.

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