Shared Office Aesthetics: Designing a Co-Working Space

Running a co-working space is something that you may want to consider as a business. It is a sustainable business model, knowing that start-ups are here to stay, and people are looking to have more flexible working spaces.

On top of this, you get to meet people who may even help you with your future business prospects and plans. Your service and your space are your selling points, so you need to make everything top notch. Otherwise, people will not go back to your space again.

With this consideration in mind, the first strategy that you need to have is to invest in making your co-working space truly beautiful and functional. If you think that your co-working space is already appealing, think again. It could even be more beautiful with the right plan.

Below are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when designing your co-working space:

1. Keep it in line with the brand

The aesthetics of the co-working space should be first in line with the brand. Embodying brand values and aesthetics into your co-working space can be easily done through color cues and even though the choice of typeface.

Consistency and uniformity are elements of aesthetics. If you have chosen an office franchise opportunity, you may want to look at the brand guidelines of your franchisor.

2. Keep it open

Gone are the days when the office layouts are filled with dividers and walls. Keep your space open by having high ceilings and a courtyard or town hall vibe. Maximize the appeal by using the right paint colors and lighting.

Now is the time to use open plan, but make sure to balance things out; open plans may prove to be distracting for some, so what you need to do is to place the desks and work stations far from each other.

3. Have some private zones

You may have open zones, but do not forget about private zones. Keep in mind that not everyone wants to work in an open space, so build rooms and conference areas where people can work and meet in peace.

4. Go for smart shelving

Modern coworking space

Function is also aesthetics, so make sure that your room is functional, based on the needs of your customers. One of the best ways to do it is by using smart shelving. You may choose to have floating shelves so that you can save up floor space. Collapsible shelves and tables may also be used

5. Hide the nonessentials

When it comes to office design, you need to hide the nonessentials, especially those items that will look as distractions. One of the things you may want to hide is the wiring and cables. Hiding them will also promote safety, as exposed wires could cause people to trip and get injured.

Designing your co-working space should be one of the things you need to prioritize. A beautifully designed working space will surely attract people to come to your business and even tag along some of their friends.

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