Should You Consider Renovating Your Workplace During a Pandemic?

At the pandemic’s onset, a lot of people didn’t know what to make of all the free time they instantly had on their hands. Then somebody somewhere had the brilliant idea of getting some much-needed home improvement work done around the house and posted it on social media. We can just imagine how this unknown person inspired thousands — if not millions — of people to do the same thing and get some stuff done around the house.

You’ve probably seen a lot of posts on your social media newsfeeds of people showing off their remodeling and renovation projects. Some had enough money in the bank to hire contractors, while others DIYed everything, from bathroom renovation to basement remodeling. People got creative and productive and that’s usually a great combination.

If you’re thinking of joining the doing some improvements around your workplace or shop, here are some things you might want to consider.

The Important Things to Consider

Type of project
What type of project are you working on? Is it a minor updating or a full-blown renovation? Is it urgent or can it still wait?

Scope of work
If you’re doing an office remodeling, how big a project are you looking at? Is it a small-scale remodeling project or does it involve a larger-scale construction?

Do you have a specific timeline to finish the project? Will it take only a few weeks or a few months to finish?

Project Status
How far along are you in the project? Is it already underway when the pandemic hit or are you still in the planning phase?

Risk Tolerance
What are some of the possible risks involved in getting the project done? Will the construction and renovation be an inconvenience in the workplace or endanger the lives of your employees?

Is Renovation a Good Idea?

Chances of back order issues are slightly higher.
Since the pandemic has greatly affected the global supply chain, delays in the acquisition of materials and supplies are inevitable which could affect your timetable.

Project costs will be a bit more expensive.
Since COVID-19 has affected a lot of companies’ efficiency and operations, you might incur certain project costs caused by the pandemic.

Are you prepared to take on those extra costs?

Work can get interrupted if restrictions are put back in place.
There’s no certainty yet how long COVID-19 measures will remain in place. Even if the economy opens up again, there’s no guarantee that restrictions won’t return, especially with the new mutated strains. If this happens, further delays should be expected.

There’s always the risk of contracting COVID-19.
The very obvious downside to this is the high potential to get infected by the virus. This is why everyone involved in the project should strictly observe the proper protocols and guidelines set by the CDC.

The economy is still uncertain.
Since we can’t really say how long the pandemic will be around and when the economy will start recovering, now might not be a good time to take out a loan or spend the little resources that you have on hand for a renovation project.


Why Renovation is a Good Idea

You can get some of the best deals ever.
One of the advantages of being in a pandemic is that everyone is desperate to sell that suppliers and service providers are dropping their prices. This means that you get to benefit from this season financially if you decide to move forward with the renovation.

It is possible to meet your timeline.
We understand that having a renovation done at the workplace is very inconvenient when things were normal. However, now that most people are stuck at home, it’s a lot easier now to get some work done in your establishment which means you can meet deadlines even if you’re looking at a tight timeline.

Contractors are available.
With COVID-19 restrictions still in place, plenty of contractors are available and willing to work at this time. You would be better off with contractors from smaller companies as they can easily work around COVID-19-related concerns.

You get ahead of the future mad rush.
Once the economy fully opens up again, expect a lot of businesses and store owners to want to remodel their own workplaces. If you choose to do it now, you’ll avoid the mad rush for contractors and suppliers. By then, while everyone is busy juggling their remodeling projects and running their businesses, you’re already ahead of the game.

You are far more prepared for when the economy is back in full swing.
Working on the project now and getting it finished within the pandemic will ensure that you’re in a much better position to serve your customers and cater to their needs once the economy reopens. You can give them your undivided attention and work your way to recovery.

So before you pull the trigger on the home improvement you have planned, make sure that you carefully go over the pros and cons of working on your home during a pandemic. What worked for one person may not necessarily be good for another.

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