Put Your Free Time to Good Use with These Business Ideas

The pandemic is the perfect example that nothing is permanent in life; one moment, you’re performing your regular routines and heading to work. Then, you find yourself being sent home because of quarantine and lockdown restrictions. The past year is full of regrets, despair about missed opportunities, and not being prepared sooner. However, there are also a lot of things we should be thankful for, including the fact that a vaccine has been made, the remote workspaces have improved, and abundant opportunities have emerged. If you are still stuck in your planning phase, keep reading and figure out the best venture or side hustle for you.

Online Venture

Even though it seems like everyone is setting up an online store, there’s still space for you to enter this field with plenty of chances to garner customers. Entering this venture is easy if you have the basic skills and knowledge about the ropes of managing a social media account. You don’t even need to produce your product. But if you choose to, then you’re already ahead of your competitors. What you’ll need to start your online shop is a platform where you can sell your products. You can either set up a website or register in existing listing sites where there’s already a solid client pool.

Try Freelancing

Freelance work had such a negative image in the past, and the main reason for it is the fact that it does not generate steady income. But presently, most companies actively search for freelancers who can take on their small projects. Freelancing is also ideal for professionals who have full-time jobs but wish to earn extra. What you need for this is your skillset. For example, if you’re an accountant, you can offer bookkeeping services during your free time. Meanwhile, if you have talent in writing, you can sideline as a content writer.



If you want to create your brand using original products, that’s also an ideal way of entering the business sphere. Most of the time, hobbies include mini DIY projects, such as creating accessories, knitting clothes or bags, and even leather and woodwork. The activities that help you unwind can also be a way for you to earn additional income. There are plenty of arts and crafts projects that will be a good business opportunity, such as candle, soap making, and pottery. You just have to find the project that you’re good at and one that you’ll enjoy.

Real Estate

For something steady and can also generate a big profit, you might want to try your hand in real estate. There are different real estate investment vehicles — from REITs and mutual funds to buying and holding to flipping houses. There are a lot you can do when you have a property. When you invest in real estate, your chances of receiving promising revenue are high, which you can use for your sustenance or as capital to start another venture.

Food Truck

food truck business

If you choose to enter a venture that offers essentials, then earning a profit is already in your bag. Entering the food truck business lets you cater to busy people and travel to different locations, allowing you to widen your reach. However, you can also choose to stay in a single place for long periods and even set up more permanent fixtures, such as restaurant awnings for your business, to keep your patrons comfortable while they enjoy your food. For this venture, what you’ll need is a truck, a menu that’s composed of easy-to-prepare food, such as sandwiches and fries, and regular locations where you can park and accommodate customers.

Courier Service

Another business type that can produce sure profit is a venture that focuses on helping people get their necessities. With the pandemic, people are confined in their homes as a safety measure against the virus. Even though going out is still allowed as long as it is for important and necessary matters, most are still hesitant. This is the right opening for you to start your business. Setting up a courier service is fairly simple because it caters to a single goal: delivery. With a vehicle, fixed rates, and a way for possible clients to contact you, you can begin delivering parcels and earning additional income.

Personal Shopper

A job where you can work from the safety of your home is the dream these days, and if you have a great eye for quality products and are knowledgeable about new products in the market, working as a personal shopper might be the best side or full-time job for you. Becoming a personal shopper means you have to have the latest information on products because your main task will be to give suggestions and help your clients choose the best items without leaving your home.

Bottom Line

You have to look for a venture that can put your skills to good use, but there’s also no harm in entering new ones and giving yourself a fun challenge.

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