Signs Your Windshield Has Been Replaced Improperly

A windshield does as much for the visual navigation of a driver as the engine powers the vehicle. Your windshield needs to be free of defects and sturdy enough to protect you from storm and debris as you drive. Unfortunately, most drivers worry about hassle and cost without realizing how modern technology has made it easier for mechanics to replace windshields affordably and quickly.

Although car window tinting in Scottsdale and windshield repair can be involved, it isn’t something that a driver can put off due to their safety. Of course, everyone wants to be sure that their windshield has been replaced properly. However, carelessness and poor techniques during the replacement of a windshield can result in critical problems in the future. These are some of the signs your vehicle’s windshield replacement has not been done properly.

There Are Strange Noises

Sudden strange noises while driving at high speed are a sign that your windshield has been replaced improperly. The noises might be a result of wind entering the crevices and cracks that have been left during the installation. The noises can range from very distinct to barely noticeable, depending on how the work has been done. Consider shutting off the windows, AC, and radio the next time you are driving at high speed to listen for any windscreen noises.

The Glass Is Visibly Wavy

The appearance of your car’s windshield should be consistent and smooth when you look into it in the sunlight. The presence of bumps or waves in the glass could indicate that there has been quality compromise during installation. It could be a sign that your mechanic has done shoddy work or installed a less quality windshield.

The Mechanic Is Not Wearing Gloves

Windshield installers should always wear glass gloves to ensure that oil doesn’t get transferred to their hands during installation. These gloves are needed when covering the windshield with urethane, a compound used to secure it firmly. Shifting oil to urethane can reduce its adhesiveness and result in leaks or breakages down the road. As such, it is vital for the technician to wear a pair of glass gloves for proper installation.

Only One Person Is Involved

placing a windshield

Replacing a windshield requires at least two people to handle the glass with care. One person cannot line it up and secure it alone. The chances are that your windscreen installation will not be done properly if you only see one mechanic working on it. Of course, you want the installer to replace the windshield with an original glass to make sure that it lasts longer and fits properly. You need to be keen so that the technician doesn’t repair your windshield with after-market parts to increase their profit margin or cut costs.

Proper installation of a windshield is crucial for the safety of a driver on the road. Professional installation also helps avoid imperfections and leaks that could impact your driving experience. You should contact a professional windshield installer for repair or replacement if you notice any of these signs while driving at high speed.

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