Simple Computer Tips for Hopelessly Confused Digital Migrants

Nowadays there is a program or application for anything you want to do on your computer, including automatically cataloging your files or sorting them in folders. But at this point, many of us using these interfaces are still digital immigrants, painstakingly translating what we had done offline to our online work methods. In other words, we are not yet familiar with all the shortcuts the digital world has to offer.

Don’t worry. You can still be efficient with your work unit armed with basic know-how. We will not be listing programs and applications here because we all know how it could be a hassle to keep track of license expiration and the need to regularly check for updates.

These tips are not for those who are already adept at navigating these electronic gadgets. What we have here are a few simple computer practices you could do to keep your files tidy and your programs uncluttered.

Your desktop should have only the shortcuts you use daily

Just access the programs and applications you use occasionally — maybe once or twice a week — from your application menu. That way, your desktop will not be covered with so many things. The fewer you data you have on your desktop too, the faster your computer can load.

Whatever your work is, you should have a calendar readily accessible from your desktop. It would then be easy for you to check what schedules you have for the day and work accordingly. Another useful shortcut to have is an app for note-taking and reminders.

Do not be frightened to have folders on your desktop. Just don’t overdo it. You would want to have a folder there for the things you need to constantly refer to for the day or the week. Do not forget, however, to clear this when you are done with your work. If you think you will still need your files for references in future work, store them properly — preferably in an external drive so that it does not take up space on your laptop. Label it appropriately so that you don’t have a hard time finding it later.

Here is one more suggestion for file storage if you are using a Mac product. Most likely you already know that files stored in an external drive formatted for your Mac laptop could not be read by other brands. It might be wise then to get Cloud storage instead so you could upload your file online, and allow any operating system to access it.

Use labels that could easily be understood

going digital

Just like when we had done physical filing of our documents, our folders had to be neatly tabbed, labeled, and grouped for easy reference. You could file your documents chronologically and label them with the dates they were created or used for reference. Imagine the hassle if your folders are simply marked ‘Today’s work,’ ‘Need to finish today,’ or ‘Files for work.’

If you are using the same computer or laptop for work and personal matters, instead of creating separate folders, create separate users to choose from when you log in. Your files would automatically be separated in the directory.

Make good use of your browsers and its interface

Your browser would usually have a toolbar that would show Bookmarked websites. Utilize bookmarking efficiently.

Just like your files, you can also organize your bookmarked links into folders. When you click the Bookmark Icon (this would vary depending on your browser), you will be presented an option to change the file name as well as to choose the folder where you want the bookmark saved. Create folders for your different interests. If you are browsing both for personal and work matters interchangeably throughout the day, you can create two main folders — one for work and another for personal matters. Then create more detailed folders inside.

For example, if you are looking for real estate for sale, you can create a folder labeled real estate inside the folder for personal bookmarks. Similarly, you can have a folder on the stock exchange and another folder for companies you are noting inside your work bookmarks. What you are avoiding here is filling up your toolbar with different and varied links that you have to go through every time you need to look for a reference website.

It could be awkward when you need to rely on someone else to do your computer work. Many people don’t want to admit that they still get confused with so many new programs and upgrades. But it’s ok. You don’t need to be using the latest programs. As long as you know what you need for your business, you could just keep it simple.

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