Solving the Three “M”s Faced by Cohabiting Couples

Couples have the option to live together under one roof without getting married. This term, dubbed as cohabitation, provides two individuals with an opportunity to try each other out and see if the relationship will work.

When it comes to the place of residence, cohabiting couples can choose to buy a property, such as a townhouse for sale in Eagle Mountain. Alternatively, they can rent a home or an apartment. The important thing to remember here is that they are living and sharing the same space.  

When a couple lives together, problems can arise that could damage or even end a relationship. Here are a few some problems that couples may run into — along with ways to overcome them.


Financial problems can be detrimental to any relationship, especially to a couple. A 2013 study published in the journal Family Relations revealed that arguments revolving around money might predict divorce.

The solution to this money problem is to come into an agreement on financial-related matters, such as payments on rent, utilities, and groceries, before moving into a new place of residence. Both parties, for instance, can split the payment of these expenses equally to avoid unwanted arguments. On top of that, the couples can establish concrete guidelines concerning how one can spend money on non-essentials.


A home is a place where a person gets to take a breather from a hard day’s work. Getting a much-needed rest is difficult, if not impossible, if the place of residence is reminiscent of a pigsty.

When couples start living together, they need to be on the same page when it comes to house cleanliness. They need to define what “clean” means in a home and agree with that definition.

On top of that, both parties have to come up with ways to split the chores evenly. A good example is to create a chore wheel that couples can spin to rotate household chore assignments. Apart from that, they can put up a whiteboard to note down the tasks that a person needs to do around the household.  

Couples must commit to doing the assigned tasks for the day or week. Completing these tasks properly and on time shows how dedicated a person is in maintaining the overall cleanliness of a house. When a home is clean, both couples can proudly call their house as a safe haven from the outside world and not a place where fights or arguments begin.  

Couple moving in together

(The Lack of) Me-Time

While the idea of spending all of your time with your partner is enticing, having some form of me-time is important, as well. Allotting time for self-love won’t undermine a relationship. As a matter of fact, it can even improve the bond between two people.

When a person makes himself/herself a priority, it shows people that he/she respect his/her needs. Couples who value themselves will be able to value other people more. They will feel happier and healthier about themselves. Additionally, they’ll be in a better position to show love and care for one another.

These are the three “M”s that unmarried couples face when they decide to live together. Whenever there is a disagreement that arises from money, mayhem, or me-time, couples just need to remember how to compromise.

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