Taking Your Bike to the Workplace: Here’s Why You Should

Do you go to work by car? Why not try biking to your workplace instead? Sure, you’re not going to sweat when you drive to work, but the benefits of biking to the workplace are remarkable. Many career professionals are now using their bikes to go to work. Look at bike shelter manufacturers and you’ll see that there has been a surge in the installations of these gems.

The Feels

Like most workouts, biking takes your mind off things. It’s a workout that lets you be in the moment. You only think of the road and the place you’re headed. This is different when you’re riding a car. During traffic, you tend to think about your worries at home, with your job, or with your relationships.

Biking can evoke feelings of happiness. Why? The first reason is that most bikers remember their childhood. They remember how they learned to bike and the neighbourhood they grew up in. They remember their childhood friends or their dads who taught them how to ride it. Now that you’re an adult, you’ll find that going on a bike ride to work will prepare you to hustle. Even when there’s stress at work, you stay positive through biking.

Okay, biking your way around the city may not equate to feeling the fresh air. But, you help in lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Aside from that, as a cyclist, you only emit 21g per km of CO2 when you breathe. Driving will release 1.2 pounds of CO2 per mile. How great is that?

Fitness and Money

If you’re overweight, you can shed off some extra pounds with biking. Likewise, it can help you maintain a healthy weight. The calories that can be burned depend on each person, the topography of the place, and how fast they’re going. Cycling is as good as jogging, but there’s less impact on your joints.

To add, cycling is a form of cardiovascular or aerobic workout. It helps maintain normal blood pressure, build muscle, provide energy, and regulate your coordination skills. What’s more, you don’t need to go to the gym anymore. Cycling to work means you’re exercising while also heading to your destination. This also means that you don’t have to allocate extra time for a workout.

When it comes to money, it’s obvious that you’ll save some when you stop using your car or riding public transportation. Owning a car has some responsibilities like maintenance, insurance, repair, etc. You don’t have to spend that much when you use a bike.

Continue Riding Your Bike

riding a bike

Riding your bike offers a lot of conveniences. The most common and probably the most important is getting ahead of a traffic jam. Your bike is a compact thing so you’re not going to experience the traffic you’ll experience when you ride a car. It’s also easier to find bike shelters for your ride.

Lastly, biking not only makes you smarter but also helps you cope with anxiety. Biking keeps you alert and active. An active and alert mind makes a person smarter. To add, exercising through biking allows your body to produce happy hormones. That means you get better chances of combating anxiety when you bike.

Biking is a fun and productive activity. It’s suited for people of different ages. Going to work riding your bike is something you should practice if you like to stay active, alert, and happy. Start biking now and experience its benefits.

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