The Auto Beauty Industry Is Big, And It’s Getting Bigger

Cars are more than utility vehicles. Beyond being used for transport, most people consider cars a status symbol. Men take pride in owning and driving the coolest car in the neighborhood. Car pride, as it is called, refers to a positive self-image brought about by the ownership of a car.

Of course, owning a car is not cheap. People spend thousands of dollars to invest in their own ride. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of the result of your hard work. As long as the car is within your means, a little healthy car pride won’t hurt.

Being proud of your car means ensuring that it will always look its best. This is where the auto beauty industry comes in to help.

Why Auto Beauty And Care Makes Good Business

Not everyone has the time and patience to maintain their car’s beauty. Not all car owners know how to clean and wax their own cars properly. This is why setting up a car wash and care business is always a good idea.

Car ownership per household is around 90% in the US, making auto care businesses profitable. The car detailing sector has also seen tremendous growth in the past years. It is even projected to grow even bigger in the future.

Both car owners and auto sellers require auto care services and detailing services. Private car owners need auto care services and detailing shops when they want to make their cars look new. There are many reasons car owners want their cars to look their best. They may be attending a wedding, a school or family reunion, or they may want to sell it.

Most car care and detailing shops offer wash and dry services, car polishing, and car sealing, among many others. Aside from maintenance or vanity, auto beauty and care shops also exist to help vehicles that have been damaged by accidents. They can fix those heartbreaking dents, do body repair, and repaint a car using an auto spray booth. In 2018 alone, 12 million cars were involved in traffic accidents in the US. This makes auto beauty and care shops even more essential.

Auto care shops are also resilient to economic recessions. Car owners will mostly have dispensable cash for the care of their rides, no matter the economic climate.

Trends In The Auto Beauty And Care Industry

cleaning car interior

Like other industries, technology makes auto beauty and care shops more attractive to the younger generation of car owners. Mobile auto services are on the rise, making auto care easier and more convenient for car owners. With a mobile app from their smartphones, car owners can schedule a car wash or detailing service from wherever they are. Whether at home or work, someone will come to wash or service their cars.

A mobile app can also be used for walk-in customers for online scheduling. Customers won’t have to wait in line to be serviced. Instead, they can just come on their schedule, saving time and allowing them to focus on other important matters. The convenience of online scheduling through an app will attract more customers who are busy and value their time.

The use of eco-friendly car beauty and care products is also rising. Customers are becoming more conscious of how their actions and choices affect the environment. As a business entity, you should be too.

Waterless washing products have become popular since the 90s. You won’t use a single drop of water when you wash your car with a waterless washing product. It allows you to save 20 to 50 gallons of water per car. You save on water, which also translates to savings on your water costs.

Many auto beauty and care shops offer premium services to make the experience more personal. From free extra services to members to free coffee and sandwiches while you wait for your car, shops go out of their way to stand out from the competition.

What to Look Out for When You Enter the Industry

You will have competition in the auto beauty and care industry. In fact, you will have lots of them. There are big names in the industry, but small business owners are also changing the game.

A car beauty and care shop is also expensive to operate, despite having high-profit margins. From real estate, utility costs, and energy costs, be ready to pay for its high operating expenses.

Considering all things, opening a business in the auto beauty and care industry presents many opportunities. Be sure to research your target customers and the car care services that are popular with them.

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